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How much car insurance do I need

Determining the kind of car insurance coverage that you need can be quite difficult, especially if you do not know where to look. The first fact that needs to be established is that you need an auto car insurance as long as you are a car owner. However, you need to know the coverage to purchase so as not to be spending more than you planned on insurance. The amount of car insurance you need is dependent on several factors, which are considered below.

Why you need car insurance

Most people fail to factor in need of car insurance before going ahead to buy their car. This is not good enough as having car insurance on your car will save you from a lot of trouble. Car insurance helps you protect your car, properties, and others in case of collision, natural disaster, theft, or any other sad occurrences. People who fail to factor in need for car insurance end up spending more when these events pop up.


Before deciding how much car insurance you need, you need to know the law guiding the insurance in your state. This varies from one state to another, so what works for someone in California might not work in Iowa. The least insurance level that is common across all states is liability insurance. This insurance type covers the property damage and bodily injury of everyone involved in an accident.

Another reason legality is important is the penalty that is attached to uninsured drivers in some states. Some state laws declare that there will be no financial compensation for an uninsured driver in case of an accident. Other laws even state that the driver can get a ticket and be summoned to court if found driving without insurance. An uninsured driver also faces the risk of getting a license suspension in some parts of the country.

Financial Protection

As explained earlier, one of the big problems that come with an accident, apart from the obvious injury, is writing big checks. Insurance companies can help cover this cost, especially if you have full coverage insurance on your car. This does not mean you need this insurance, but to protect you from spending too much on your health, car, property, and others, it might be best to include this as part of your insurance plan.

Lender Requirements

For those considering a car lease or purchasing a used car, the lender often has a minimum insurance requirement. This means you must have your insurance up to the level the lender states in the agreement. Failure to do this can cause you to pay more than anticipated, especially if you have a major accident. You might have to be paying for a badly damaged car and not even get to drive the car any longer.

The reason most lenders are strict on this requirement is the penalties attached to it in most states. If the police stop a leased car for a traffic violation and find out that the car is not insured, it might be a big problem for the lender. The vehicle might be towed away from the scene, while the lender will have to appear in court and enter a plea.

Another alternative that some lenders offer is the option to pay a large cash deposit or surety bond. This is more cost-effective, and most people prefer it; however, this alternative is only available in a few states.

How to determine the amount of car insurance you need

How much car insurance you need varies from one individual to another. However, your insurance coverage should offset your asset. This way, you will not have to sell or pay an extra cost in case of an accident. If your insurance cost is lower than your asset, the court might rule that you sell your asset or garnish your wages to balance the damages.

On the other hand, there might not be a need to offset, if you do not own any other property asides your car or have any savings. If this is the case, then you can simply secure insurance that is the same value in your car. There is no point overprotecting yourself, as this will only cause you to pay more.

How much car insurance you need is also determined by some other factors that are not dependent on you. The insurance company will consider age, location, gender, credit score, driving history, and other metrics, before determining the amount of coverage that is best for you.

One of the best auto insurance companies with the cheapest insurance coverage on all levels is Best Car Insurance WSA. This auto insurance company determines the amount you pay based on the metrics stated above. The full insurance amount is lesser than that of the national average in various states. This means you can go beyond the liability insurance or minimum insurance and consider the full package when dealing with Best Car Insurance WSA.

Drivers in New Jersey, Louisiana, New York, and Michigan pay a higher car insurance rate than those in Idaho, Iowa, North and South Dakota. This is due to several factors already discussed above. However, Best Car Insurance WSA offers one of the cheapest rates across all of these states. Whether you are considering buying a new or used car or want to opt for a lease option, Best Car Insurance WSA is the top list auto insurance company that offers the best deals.


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