How much does a lawyer for immigration cost?

A lot of information about visas and processing fees is available for free online. However, if you are going to seek advice and assistance from a lawyer for immigration, you need to pay professional fees.

Hiring a lawyer is always worth it because they will be providing you with a complete list of the documents and may help you during the application process.

There are parts of the application process that can be tricky. With the help of a lawyer, you will be able to fill out the form correctly, assist you with the supporting documents that you need to submit, and provide advice from a trusted professional.

Paying for the application, processing, and immigration lawyer can be costly, but you will be sure that there your chance of approval is high.

Paying For The Services of an Immigration Lawyer

Whether you are applying for a family visa, spouse visa, skilled or temporary worker visa, Below are the services that an immigration lawyer can provide you:

Consultation (Pay around £100 – £500)

First-time applicants are unsure of what documents they need for an application so it is recommended to ask for assistance from an immigration lawyer. Consultations are done either face-to-face or by phone call.

During consultation sessions, you will be able to ask questions regarding the application and visa category that your situation may fall on. Also, they will be able to assess your current situation and provide advice on how you can increase your chances of approval.

Legal Representation (Pay starts at £1,200 and may reach up to £8,000)

By hiring an immigration lawyer, a legal professional will be able to represent you in the management of your application.

Aside from the processing of the documents, they will also represent and help you in dealing with the Home Office. Because your case is on the legal professionals, you will be able to have peace of mind since they will be responsible for the progress of your application.

Checking of Documents (Starts at £200 to £500)

If you think your documents are complete but unsure if they are enough on the application, an immigration lawyer will ensure that your documents are in order and complete.

You will be able to know whether your documents will be approved based on a legal professional’s perspective.

Factors That Affect The Legal and Professional Fees

If you have a criminal history or a complicated background you might need to pay a higher fee since they will need to assess your current situation to know if there are loopholes in your applications and how you can deal with them positively.

Sometimes, there are also mandatory requirements where the Home Court is not satisfied and might require you more supplementary documents. But once your documents are complete, an immigration lawyer will just check your documents which leads to lower professional fees.

When you are applying for a Tier 1 visa, higher fees may be charged if you are traveling with a dependent who is a minor or your proof of finances is not enough or your application does not match the format required by UK Immigration.

Family category visas may also have higher fees due to some circumstances. If your proof of income comes from a business in which ownership is shared or your income comes from self-employment, your immigration lawyer may charge you more than usual.

Also, since English proficiency is a requirement, they may assist you with your English proficiency exams which may also add cost.

Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

With the assistance of an immigration lawyer, you will be able to understand the immigration process which will allow you to have higher chances of approval.

Also, if there are changes in the immigration law, you will be informed and you will be able to receive expert guidance on its process. They are familiar and knowledgeable of the immigration standards so they are accountable for the whole application process.

They always set a goal to help migrants to get their applications approved. They will also help you properly decide to make the immigration process smooth.

However, an immigration lawyer would not be able to help you if you are applying for the wrong visa category or if you have provided fake documents.


These fees vary depending on the category of visa you are applying for. If you are unsure of which firm to hire, you can do research about certain firms to know which services they are offering and if these services suit your budget.