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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Russian Mail order Bride?  

What doesn’t mean the mail-order bride term?

Well, let’s start with the definition, who are mail order brides exactly? A mail-order bride is a woman who decides to list herself in online catalogs which then are seen by men on the internet who choose a bride for marriage among these mail-order brides.

Back in the day, this phenomenon was mainly associated with women who were trying to leave the third-world countries and end up settling in more developed countries by using marriage.

Why do girls become mail-order brides?

But here’s an important question, what goals do girls that become mail-order brides pursue when they sign up for online catalogs?

Well, one of the first reasons why women do that is to escape countries that they feel like they don’t belong in. We don’t choose the country in which we are born, and thus, some women end up getting the short end of the stick, however, they deserve love nonetheless.

The second reason is that if a woman wasn’t able to settle in up to a certain age (depends on the culture), the people around her start to consider her as an “old maiden”, even if she is beautiful, smart, and gentle. She feels like she is left out and not treated as a real woman, so she ends up looking for love on the other side of the planet.

The main regions for mail-order brides are Slavic, Asian, and Latin countries. And many countries of these regions are associated with low financial stability and women try to escape their surroundings and many problems that they may have by becoming mail-order brides for men from other regions of the world.

The cost of a mail order bride

Let’s talk about the most important part to some, what is the cost of ordering a mail-order bride?

Some may think that putting a price on a bride is wrong, and somehow unethical, but this is not the case. This is not like human trafficking, this is a completely normal thing.

Most of these women are looking for husbands and partners, they want to change their lives, leave their country and start a new life with someone who they love.

There are sites that offer subscription plans, there are sites that require fees, and etc. Some platforms require you to pay around 10 dollars for a month, others can crank it up to around 50 dollars or even higher.

The cost depends on the country in which they live, the expenses of communication, and some other additional expenses you may encounter in the course of communication.

So this includes expenses that have to do with traveling, which can vary quite a lot, from $500 dollars up to $1100 dollars, it all depends on the country where a mail-order bride lives.

Where do I find a mail-order bride?

There are thousands of online dating services you can find online and some of them are focused on international relationships without any being focused on a particular region. And while this is not the same as finding a mail-order bride, this is a great way to find a woman online to establish a relationship with.

And the most logical place to look for a mail-order bride is an online service that is dedicated to just that. A service that helps men to find women from all across the world for the sake of establishing serious long-term relationships. is one of such services.

Tips on how to attract mail order brides

And now let’s look at some tips on how to attract the mail-order brides that you are going to encounter on your online dating journey. There are many more tips that may be of use depending on the situation, but these seem to be the most important ones.

How to attract Russian mail-order brides?

Be generous: Generosity is an important character trait that all men should possess. But you should know the limits here, as some brides may have dire intentions of using a man for his money rather than loving him for who he is, his positive traits of character.

Fortunately, this is a very rare occasion and a woman’s intentions can often be identified quite easily. Otherwise, generosity will go a long way if you want to attract a woman, a generous good man will be a good father and a husband.

Be honest: How can you attract a sexy mail-order bride? Honesty is at the heart of all relationships. The fewer things are left unsaid and the sincerer you are with each other – the more harmonious your relationships will be.

A single lie, even a small one, turns into a precedent that lying is ok in certain situations, then you lie more and more and you end up finding yourself in the world of lies and uncertainty.

More compliments: Women love compliments, they love it when their looks or traits of character are appreciated and it makes them feel wanted and valued, which is also quite important.

More photos and information about yourself

How to increase your chances of attracting a mail order bride? The more information a woman has about you – the easier it will be for her to get to know you, to appreciate your positive traits of character, to trust you. It will be easier for her to evaluate your looks, to find out who you are and whether it is worth it to entrust you with her future.

As you can see, there are thousands of mail-order brides to meet online, all of them want to meet a husband from abroad and look forward to a better future.

And there are quite a lot of online services made just for that reason, for men who want to meet mail-order brides online. They come from all across the world, but some qualities that men possess are universal.