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How Much Does It Cost To Move Between States?

How much does it cost to move between states these days? Well, there’s no straight answer to this question. Every move is totally different from the next, making it incredibly hard to pin down an accurate estimate. But, most people pay anywhere between $1,200 and $9,000 for an out-of-state move. For accurate info, you might want to get moving quotes from several companies.

This article estimates the average cost of moving when considering a pod service, renting a truck, or going with full service. Hiring a moving company may be the most expensive way to get the job done compared to renting a container or booking a self-drive truck. Still, this might be the most suitable moving route for many busy individuals with lots of sentimental possessions.

That said, here are some rough estimates for different moving methods.

When Using a Professional Moving Company

Hiring professionals for an interstate move is going to be your best bet. The American Moving and Storage Association says the average cost of a full-service interstate move is $4,300 for an average load of 7,300 pounds moving 1,000 miles. This amount covers everything, including packing assistance.

Of course, this estimate does not work for every situation. The final cost of the move will depend on the distance, weight, insurance fees, labor, and any additional services. Every company also charges a different rate, which makes accurate estimation almost impossible. Comparing quotes from several moving companies is the closest you can get to perfection.

Ideally, you want to ask for a “not-to-exceed estimate” when hunting for quotes. These special estimates prevent movers from submitting low bids then hitting you with a surprise cost in the end. If your stuff turns out to be heavier than anticipated, standard rates apply for the additional weight. But you can always work around this issue by selling or donating stuff to stay within the agreed weight range.

When Using a Moving Container

This is a semi-DIY way to move between states, and it works for people who are trying to pull off a complicated interstate move. Renting a container means you get temporary storage after the move, which turns out to be a life-saver most of the time. Containers also come in different sizes and build, making it hard to give a rough estimate without proper details.

PODS, U-PACK, and 1-800-PACK-RAT are the most commonly used containers for long-distance moves. And it would set you back an average of $2,500 when using a U-Pack for a long-distance move.

Like hiring a full-service mover, the final price of the delivery depends on distance, weight, and number of containers needed for the job. There could also be extra costs if you want temporary storage after arrival, which could go even higher if you’re going to use a climate-controlled facility.

When Using a Truck Rental

Using a truck rental is one of the cheapest ways to move between states. It’s also a demanding way to move as you will do all the heavy lifting and driving. That translates to taking some time off work, and that could mean lost revenue. Truck rentals are also not easy to come by as most moving companies try to push full-service packages before renting out their trucks to random people. And when they do, the rental price depends on the day and availability. They usually charge a premium on weekends and slightly cheaper on weekdays.

Expect to pay anything between $1,200 to $1,700 for an interstate move on a rental truck. And the best part is, you don’t have to take it back to the starting point. The company will collect the vehicle at the agreed point, making the service incredibly convenient.

Still, truck size, rent duration, fuel, additional equipment, and distance play a significant role in the final price. Factor in the hours of labor, and you’ll see why getting the full service is not such a bad idea.

Overall, the final price of the move depends on the level of convenience you want, distance to be covered, number of movers involved, storage, lodging, food, and gas. The full-service is an excellent option for people with limited time because you get access to professional movers who will take care of your precious cargo and do all the heavy lifting. The price might seem steep on first impressions, but it’s a small price to pay when looking at a 7,500-pound load moving 1,000 miles across the nation.