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How musicians can earn money during the COVID-19 pandemic

Musicians often wonder how to make money on their music. It is easy to answer: whatever. Streaming, digital sales, concerts, royalty – everything that comes to mind is suitable in order to earn money on your work. What about extreme conditions?

The coronavirus pandemic has most likely become a sore point in the music industry. Artists reschedule tours, venues are idle, organizers and promoters change plans and consider losses. Coronavirus has changed the lives of many musicians who are trying to survive in such a situation with all their might.

The ban on holding mass events ruled out the possibility of basic earnings for all those who are directly connected with music. It’s not just about carrying over major music festivals such as Eurovision and canceling star tours. For many musicians, concerts are the only source of their income, and cancellation of tours as a ban on public events in different cities around the world for such musicians can be fatal.

How to stay in the market

Traditional and more modern ways to make money can allow musicians to make a living without looking at COVID-19.

The first way, which on an ongoing basis can bring you good dividends, is to pay for the use of your music. There are sites such as that will help you with this. You must be a member of an advocacy organization to collect royalties for using your music. This includes payments for the use of your music on radio or television, at live events or streaming services, in commercials and much more.

Digital payments are also a good way to make money, even for a novice musician. This means that every time your music is played on the Internet radio services, you must be paid royalties. We wrote once a good hit and it will be possible to earn on it for a long time without unnecessary gestures.

You can also earn on licensing. If your song is featured in a movie, commercial, or any TV show, then you are likely to be paid for a license. The revenue from the license depends on the budget of the project and on how much they want to deliver your song exactly.

Now, based on the current situation with quarantine in the world, there is a chance to make money at concerts, but not at ordinary concerts with thousands of spectators and the stage, but at online performances conducted by artists on live accounts of their social networks. For this, they don’t get much as much as from real concerts, but there are positive qualities in this. If fans live in another country and they never had the opportunity to lively attend a concert of any artist and chat with him live, then now this can be done even without leaving home.

Live broadcasts

We will consider this point briefly separately, since this way of earning concerns not only famous musicians. So everyone who has a good audience can earn money. If you want to talk with your favorite actor, comedian, musician, singer, just pay a certain amount and he will go live with you.

Concerts bring musicians the lion’s share of the income, but because of the coronavirus, many tours were canceled or postponed indefinitely. Some artists have found another way to earn money – live broadcasts.

Favorite work

The authorities of various countries both at the local and national levels urge their citizens to stay at home in order to slow down the spread of the new coronavirus. It is very difficult both in the emotional and mental state, and financially for most of us. Therefore, musicians around the world are trying to support people and make their self-isolation a little brighter.

For example, in Tel Aviv, saxophonist Yarden Kleiman, along with other musicians, staged a concert on the roof of the house for local residents. All quarantine conditions were met – the audience listened to music without leaving their homes. With their performance, the young musicians wanted to help people who are forbidden to dispel anguish.

Classical violinist Stephanie Marie Degan and her two daughters performed several serenades for their neighbors from the balcony of their house in Paris.

Also, more than 100 famous musicians around the world on Saturday evening, April 18, held an online concert “United World: Together at Home” in support of countering coronavirus.

The musicians of the French National Orchestra surf the Internet in order to share music with people in isolation without leaving home.

This is just a little that has happened in the world. This is a good example of how people support each other and how musicians try to survive. We are together. And we need each other. With the help of this music, with which musicians go online or on the roofs of houses, they keep in touch with us. Say thanks to them for that.