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How Often Should an Office Be Deep Cleaned

A clean office is essential in every way. It is equal to keeping your house clean. A clean office will have fewer germs and bacteria, which means the staff will not fall sick frequently. This would help increase productivity in the office. Also, it will be easier for employees to navigate in a clean office as everything will be organized. This will also increase the discipline of an office.

As all offices are different in terms of area, the number of staff, location, etc. Various techniques can be used to clean other offices. To get junk removed from your office, you can make use of commercial junk removal. This will make the process of deep cleaning easier for you.

Read below to find out how often an office should be deep cleaned.

Cleaning during Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed the course of everything around us. We are supposed to take care of our hygiene even more than before to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, in these times, you should increase the process of deep cleaning to another level.

You should make sure your office gets disinfected after every few hours. This is because people will be entering and leaving your office all the time. With this, you wouldn’t know who might be a carrier of the virus.

Along with cleaning your office, you should ensure that your staff and anyone entering your office take precautions by sanitizing their hands and using face masks.

Regularly cleaning your office

Regular cleaning includes the basic cleaning done on a daily basis. This means vacuuming the floors, taking out the trash from every table, cleaning all the desks with a cloth and disinfectant, washing washrooms, etc. You should do the daily cleaning to make the office look presentable, prevent the spread of diseases, etc.

Regular cleaning also does not mean that it has to take place every day. This depends on what you are cleaning. For instance, the trash cans should be cleaned once or twice a week – this depends on how fast they fill up. The office desks should be cleaned every day so that there is no clutter on the tables.

Deep office cleaning

Deep cleaning means cleaning everything with excellent efficiency. For deep cleaning, you’ll need a variety of tools. The tasks included in deep cleaning include changing air filters, sanitization of all surfaces, cleaning upholstery, etc. While deep cleaning, all places that cannot be reached during the regular cleaning are cleaned and cleared.

Cleaning an office thoroughly is essential for the health and safety of all people present in the office and even for the people visiting the office. Understandably, deep cleaning can be an expensive task. Therefore, it should be done at least once a year. However, if you can afford it, you should get your office cleaned thoroughly at least twice or thrice a year.


In conclusion, deep cleaning is essential for your office and should be a priority for offices. However, along with deep cleaning, it is recommended that you take good care of your regular cleaning.