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How Online Promotions Influence Gambler’s Choice To Play

Online casinos offer several convenient advantages over land-based casinos, including easy access, increased payout percentages, and lots of game titles.  To appeal to online customers, they also offer plenty of attractive promotional offers designed to persuade players to choose their site over others and spend more money on wagers.  Smart Kiwi gamblers looking for the best online casino no deposit bonus know how to choose the best offers to increase their winnings.  They know that gambling sites use bonus promotions to encourage people to spend more money on wagers, and they know how to tell the difference between a good deal and an advertising trick.

By understanding the types of promos available, as well as common restrictions that casinos place on these promos, you will be better able to decide which bonuses can get you a bigger payout and which ones are not a good fit for you.

Popular Types of Online Casino Bonus Promotions

There are many different types of bonuses available.  This is good news because it means that all types of players can get a bonus.  Many require players to enter a code while others are applied automatically.  There are welcome offers for new customers and loyalty rewards for returning players.  Some are for a specific game and others are casino wide.  No matter what your personal tastes, there is almost certainly a bonus for you.  Other common bonus promos include:

  • No deposit bonus
  • Free spins
  • Cash match
  • Drawings and raffles
  • Extra loyalty points

How promotional offers influence gaming behavior

A good advertisement is designed to compel consumers to act.  In this case, the goal is to entice gamblers to register and fund an account.  Promos are a good way to catch attention, but the casino also wants to encourage people to place bets.  After all, they are in the business of making money, which is why you must be careful when accepting bonus offers.

Many people spend more than they intend to because they are distracted by the idea of getting something for free.  They may choose titles that they aren’t familiar with or participate in games that they lack skill at just to get free spins or a matching bonus.  Others might overspend because they get caught up in the thrill of the moment, enticing them to add funds to their account after they have depleted all of the free tokens.

Another way that online gambling promotional offers end up costing players more than they bargain for is by attaching requirements to the offer.  Wagering requirements are common in promo deals.  Players may be required to bet a minimum amount of money or bet a minimum number of times before requesting a withdrawal.  For example, an offer that matches winnings up to $100 might require that players bet at least 20 times; because the odds are always stacked in the casino’s favor, it wouldn’t take very long for the amount wagered to exceed the $100 matching bonus.

It is important to always read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting any promo offer.  That way, there is less of a chance of getting carried away chasing a bonus that isn’t worth it.

There are lots of good casino bonuses for online players

Just because one particular promo is not a good fit for you, doesn’t mean that another one won’t be.  In fact, bonus rewards and promos are a great way for online gamblers to increase winnings, try out new games, and extend gameplay for free.  The key is to choose only the offers that match your individual habits and skills.  People who love pokies might like a promo code for free spins on a new title, while skilled blackjack players might choose a matching bonus.

With all the great offers available, there is no reason not to take advantage.  Be sure to read the fine print and contact the casino’s customer service if you have any questions about a promo, this way you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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