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How penis sizes vary across the UK

Penis size and sexual performance have always been a huge topic of interest for men – and women.

Recent TV shows like Love Island have only served to fuel this after contestant Jamie Jewitt exposed his sizeable penis to millions of viewers.

Jewitt sparked a debate with many at home and prompted London clinic International Andrology to commission research looking at penis size and sexual satisfaction according to region.

Its survey found that the Welsh have the largest manhoods in the UK, measuring 6.56 inches on average (16.66cm).

However, despite their enhanced genitals, they have the worst sex lives – suggesting size really doesn’t matter.

The wooden spoon – for coming last in the league table – was awarded to the East Midlands, as the poll of 2,000 people showed men from this area came in at just 6.11 inches (15.52cm).

But men in this part of the country still have plenty to boast about in bed for according to the survey they make the best lovers. 

Londoners had the second biggest penises, measuring 6.51 inches (16.53cm) on average, and East Anglians the third – 6.47 inches (16.43cm).

Welsh men are blessed with the largest manhoods in the UK, measuring 6.56 inches on average (16.66cm). The wooden spoon was awarded to the East Midlands, as the poll showed men from Leicester, Nottingham and Northampton have just 6.11 inches (15.52cm)

Wales 6.56 16.66 
London  6.51  16.53 
East Anglia  6.47  16.43 
Scotland  6.45  16.38 
North West  6.41  16.28 
Northern Ireland  6.35  16.13 
North East  6.33  16.08 
Yorks & Humber  6.29  15.98 
South East  6.27  15.93 
West Midlands  6.26  15.90 
South West  6.23  15.82 
East Midlands  6.11  15.52 

The survey also looked at whether there is any truth in men with longer members being better in bed.  

The findings reveal although Welsh men had the biggest penises, they weren’t necessarily the best lovers, according to the survey. Only 57 per cent of Welsh women said their partner satisfied them in bed proving it’s not size but technique that really counts. 

Lovers from the South West region proved to be the worst in the UK, with just 45 per cent saying they had a happy sex life with their spouse.

Surprisingly, the men in East Midlands who came last for their penis size, proved to be the best lovers in the UK. Some seven out of 10 of women quizzed from this region said they had a happy sex life. 

Women in Northern Ireland had the second best sex lives, with 67 per cent claiming to be happy with their partner’s sexual ability, and North West the third, with the same amount.  

REGION OF THE UK                                                                                 HOW MANY WOMEN HAVE A HAPPY SEX LIFE?
East Midlands 71.43 per cent
Northern Ireland  67.35 per cent 
North West  67.2 per cent 
Yorks & Humber  67.05 per cent 
East Anglia  65.18 per cent 
South East  65.16 per cent 
Scotland  64.62 per cent 
North East  63.92 per cent 
West Midlands  62.38 per cent 
London  62.07 per cent 
Wales  57.14 per cent 
South West  45.36 per cent 

A spokesperson for International Andrology, told MailOnline: ‘The amount of nudity we now see on our screens on shows like Love Island which saw Jamie Jewitt expose his sizeable penis can fuel anxiety over body image. 

‘This supports the notion that perfection is a larger penis.’

But they added their findings, based on self-reported measurements, show that ‘size doesn’t always matter and the motion of the ocean myth could hold true [it doesn’t matter how big your penis is, it’s what you do with it that matters]’. 

The survey comes after MailOnline reported on the man with the world’s biggest penis back in January.

His 18.9-inch (48cm) member dwarfed those measurements mentioned in the study by International Andrology, which has clinics in London, Rome and Dubai.


The North East of England is the porn capital of the UK, the survey also found.

A staggering 81.4 per cent of people from Newcastle, Sunderland and the wider region said they watch pornography. 

And 27.9 per cent of those admitted watching every week, according to the poll commissioned by International Andrology. 

The Welsh were the second worst offenders (75 per cent) and East Anglia scooped bronze medal (73.2 per cent). 

The area of the UK watching the least amount of porn is the sleepy South West where just 64.2 per cent said they watched.

A spokesperson from International Andrology told MailOnline: ‘The survey shows significant social change. 

‘What is most apparent is that porn has become an established part of British culture. It is now available on demand.

‘Anyone using a smartphone, TV or laptop can access pornographic websites, watch movies and even reality TV shows featuring nudity.’

They cautioned that the male images shown in pornography falsify the idea of what is normal.


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