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How Shopify Partners Can Help You With Your Ecommerce Business

You’ve recently set up a Shopify ecommerce business, and are eager to get things rolling! With so many exciting ideas and products to sell, you’re having a blast so far.

But even though things are going well, you’d like to find an agency that can assist with some tasks.

The Color Toner Experts

Have you thought about finding a Shopify Partner? A Shopify Partner is a fancy way of saying you’d like a firm or agency to help you step up your ecommerce game.

A Shopify Partner should be knowledgeable of Shopify and how it works. They should often refer their clients to the platform.

After finding a firm who specializes in Shopify, look over their services. A few things they may specialize in is marketing, SEO, or re-branding.

You’ll know you’ve found a great agency when they can improve your store and your marketing needs. And who knows, they may have some suggestions on other ways you can advance your e-commerce shop!

Below we discuss how a firm or agency can enhance your ecommerce business so it’ll thrive!

1. HubSpot Integration

If you’re interested in integrating Hubspot, an agency can set things up for you. HubSpot is an excellent site that focuses on customer relationship management (CRM).

Using the software, you can keep track of your customers. You can also use it to convert leads and turn them into customers.

Besides setting up your account, they can help explain how to put the software to good use.

2. Mobile App Creation

The majority of people shop on their smartphones. Studies show that from every four dollars spent, one dollar comes from mobile. Due to this factor, your Shopify store needs to cater to mobile users.

Even though your shop is mobile-friendly, take it one step further. Have a Shopify Partner develop a shop app for you!

A mobile app is a fantastic way to increase engagement with your customers. An agency can bring your mobile vision to life. They can set up cool features such as push notifications and animated lookbooks!

Most customers love having the option to download an online app. And as an ecommerce business owner, with an app, you’ll be able to increase mobile engagement.

3. Art and Photography

Your ecommerce store may require a visual facelift. If so, a firm can facilitate your winning customers over with artistic innovation.

You may be looking to do some rebranding or have different product photos on your website. Whatever the case may be, the right type of agency can develop a design strategy that will refine your site.

When looking for the right Shopify Partner, here are a few types of art and photography services:

  • Website UX Design and Development
  • Website Management
  • Brand Strategy and Identity
  • Product Development

4. Search Engine Optimization

There are many layers to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But the ultimate goal is for SEO to improve your website’s rankings.

A firm with SEO services will target customers based on specific keywords.

They can set up the SEO on your website and provide content writing services.

Having the right firm incorporate links, and keywords can build your customer base. And more importantly, web surfers should be able to pull up your site more easily.

5. Social Media Management

If you don’t have time to manage your social media, a firm or agency can offer some aid!

The digital world is continually changing. At times it seems impossible to keep up with social media.

The right team can manage your accounts. Specialists will focus on tasks such as publishing content on sites like Facebook.

Engaging with your audience is essential. That’s why publishing content regularly can keep them interested in your store.

You have enough going on with keeping everything up to date in your shop. That’s why an agency can take social media off your plate.

Allow them to communicate with your audience. If all goes well, their efforts should attract new people to the site.

In Conclusion

As you’ve found out by now, there’s a lot that goes into building a successful ecommerce business. You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row right from the start, though.

Shopify Partners can take some of these jobs off your plate!

If you prefer to do everything on your own, you may be able to get thee in time. The more time you spend as an ecommerce business owner, the more you’ll learn.

In the meantime, don’t be afraid to utilize the many talents of Shopify Partners. They can show you what needs to happen so you can reach your goals!


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