How social media helps small businesses?

Are you running a small business and want to attract more customers to your company? For this, you can go for different types of marketing methods, but if you are low in budget and want to get more than what you have invested, you should consider investing in social media marketing, an essential digital media marketing technique.

As an owner of a small business, you are continually looking for new and effective ways to get your brand on potential customers’ radar. If you are on that radar, using social media platforms in your small business is ideal for getting engaged with current and potential customers. Don’t know how to effectively use them? Don’t worry at all, and get in touch with Zionstek for help.

Well, different studies have proved that effective social media marketing for small businesses can have a significant advantage over large-scale companies. You might be wondering why? Well, the effectiveness of the social media platforms boils down to engagement. If you are not interacting with your customers, you won’t get success in social media marketing.

Small businesses and social media

For all startups and small businesses, interacting with consumers or clients regularly on different social media platforms is a crucial marketing strategy. Utilizing social media can help your company build robust brand awareness, connect with the current customer base, and increase your existing customer base.

Some studies have revealed that around 90 percent of marketers say social media is crucial to their business. Among them, approximately 82 percent of participants worked in companies having 100 and fewer employees.

Marketing through social media platforms is easy for small businesses as long as they actively post on their social media profile pages. You need to use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest actively. If you want to learn more about using them and optimize the profiles for better results, you can always get in touch with Zionstek.

How to use different platforms?

Facebook Shops

Facebook has introduced a “Shop” feature that will enable businesses to correctly display and sell their products and services through Facebook. The platform lets you build a digital storefront without any cost, and people can directly buy your products from Facebook. This feature is also available on Instagram. Facebook already has Marketplace, but it only deals with personal belongings. However, with Shops, a small business can compete with well-known online retail stores, like Etsy, Amazon, and more.

YouTube video ad tool

Well, if you think creating quality video content is challenging and costly for you, you should try out YouTube’s new Video Builder Tool that lets businesses craft creative and beautiful video content for free. As per the director of the YouTube Ads product manager, this is a free beta tool that can be used to animate some static assets, such as logos, text, and images combined with music. You can create short videos with a duration of 10 to 15 seconds and share them through YouTube or go for a YouTube ad campaign. On the other hand, the video can be integrated with Google AdSense.

Pinterest Shop

As per the data given by Pinterest, searches for “small business” have increased by around 350 percent on Pinterest as people now prefer to support small companies and entrepreneurs. So, if you want to increase your brand awareness and generate more leads, you should plan to utilize Pinterest. It also offers data metrics and insights based on which you can make necessary decisions.

Instagram stickers

Instagram, in 2020 introduced Instagram sticker, a brand-new feature to assist small businesses in making sales, which comes in the form of fundraiser stickers, gift cards, and food order stickers that can be shared in stories or in profiles. If the customers can’t support by visiting the store in person, they can still support by ordering take-out and buying something that can be redeemed later. If they want, they can also make a donation. They just need to tap on the stickers, and they will be redirected to a website .

Benefits of using social media platforms

Increase in leads

As per a report, more than 80 percent of small businesses are now using social media to generate more leads. Well, the significant advantage of utilizing the power of social media is not just to generate leads; using this, you can get highly qualified leads by advanced targeting features. With more leads, you can lead your business towards success.

Improved ranking in search engines

You might be wondering how? Well, when your company’s social media engagement increases, it positively affects your website’s domain authority. This, in turn, dramatically improves the search engine ranking of your webpage. Besides, remember that some people prefer to visit your social media site before visiting your website. So, create a perfect social media profile now with the help of Zionstek.

Can drive traffic

Around 80 percent of small businesses use social media for better website traffic. Without a robust social media presence, you will lose a lot of organic traffic.

Helps you to monitor your competitors

Social media can offer you an opportunity to get some inspiration to form your competitor’s performance, and you can do that by analyzing their content type and how they are communicating with the followers.

There are more such benefits that you can enjoy by utilizing social media in the best way. And for this, you can always take the help of Zionstek. Get in touch with Zionstek now for more details and carry out a successful Social media marketing for small business.