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How Switching To 24-Hour Support Can Help Your Customer Relations

Out of 1000 customers who participated in Customer Service Expectation Survey in 2018, 92% confirmed that they wouldn’t continue purchasing in a company with poor customer service.

The compelling statistics show just how customer service can be the deal-breaker. With the age of increased consumer awareness, customer expectations are growing.

If you can’t keep up with the insatiable need for excellent customer service, the future of your business might be gloomy.

Customer service is broad but several strategies can help with your customer service needs.

One of the ways to improve your customer relationships is by incorporating 24-hour support. Keep reading to know why this move can be one of the most transformative for your business.

  1. Constant Accessibility

Business success is highly dependent on the ability to serve customers without delay.

Customers are likely to have concerns or issues they would want to raise at any time. As such, unhindered accessibility to customer support is a necessity.

Time zones or geographical boundaries shouldn’t be an excuse for unavailability.

For a customer to be confident in your brand, constant availability is a selling point. Assure your customers that they can call at any time and get the assistance they require.

Your customer service center should have adequate IT monitoring to ensure a prompt response. Failure to act on a customer’s message can eventually make potential clients back out.

  1. Helps Resolve Issues on Time

A stitch in time can save your business!

With a 24-hour support line, your clients can raise an issue at any time. Consequently, you’ll be able to resolve the issue before it escalates.

If you happen to release a product that has a defect, a customer might call in to complain. The alert will help you to take prompt measures such as withdrawing the product from the market. It further assists you in evaluating the supply chain process to establish the cause of the defect.

Faults in business are inevitable.

Failure to address a problem as soon as possible can cause more harm to your business. If you resolve a raised issue on time, you’ll save your reputation and maintain customer relations.

  1. 24-Hour Support Indicates High Responsiveness

If there’s a statement that will show your company’s seriousness is indicating that you’re available 24 hours.

Customers want to be sure they can reach you when they need anything. So, ensure that you’ve mentioned your availability on your business pages.

A live-chat on your website is one of the invaluable customer service strategies. Customers visiting your website will feel you’re receptive to their queries and needs. Uninterrupted availability is an approach that can enhance customer loyalty.

Immediate assistance is a way of proving to your customers that they matter.

Consider incorporating different communication approaches. While automation can help, having an actual representative addressing your customers’ needs can improve the experience.

  1. Waiting is Not Everyone’s Forte

Unless you’re selling a product that one cannot get anywhere else, customers will often click to the next service provider if you keep them waiting.

There’s no excuse for putting a customer on hold. When you know that the customer is king, you’ll probably want to improve on your customer response rate.

About 83% of consumers expect companies to respond to their comments on social media within less than a day. That is not to mean that you have to offer a solution immediately. However, the timely response will make the consumer feel valued.

Your customer support should be available 24/7 on different platforms.

While some clients might opt to call, others might post their disappointment on your Facebook page. Addressing the problem immediately reduces a customer’s infuriation.

  1. Increased Revenue

Contrary to common expectation, not all support calls are complaints.

While a significant percentage of callers seek to raise their concerns about your services or products, others are prospective buyers. Unbelievably, one can call at midnight to inquire about a face product they saw on offer.

A caller might get in touch to ask for more details, clarifications, and recommendations on your range of offers.

Lack of an efficient portal to address these queries translates to a loss of revenue. If you have 24-hour support, clients can purchase what they want at any time.

Whether you’re selling attire or foodstuff, your availability 24/7 will give you an edge over your competitors. Customers are diverse. Getting a call at the wee hours of the night requesting for morning deliveries is actually possible.

Factors to Consider Before Setting Up the 24-Hour support

While all businesses can benefit from the 24-hour operation, some factors make this decision almost mandatory. For business owners, several considerations prompt the need for day and night availability.

One of the most critical factors is the time-sensitivity of your service or product.

If you offer lodging facilities, 24/7 operations are compulsory. Services such as healthcare or transport might also need your support to be available 24 hours.

If your customers are in diverse time zones, business hours might mean all hours.

With 24-hour support, your customers in different countries won’t feel the effect of your business closing hours. Have your call center support active, day and night.

You might also want to consider 24-hour availability if your core differentiators are support and service. Exceptional customer service has significant implications for your competitive standing. Expanding the service by offering help 24/7 will lead to extensive growth.

The extent to which customers use your product can also guide you through switching to 24 hours availability. If the orders and calls during the day are overwhelming, maybe it’s time to extend the service.

24-Hour Support Will Improve Your Customer Service

Technology has changed the face of customer service.

It has given companies a platform to improve their customers’ relations. Providing 24-hour support is one of the ways that a firm can improve customer satisfaction.

As your business expands, you might need to consider being more available. 24/7 support might be one of the factors keeping your competitors from matching up. While this transition might require an investment of significant resources, it is worthwhile.

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