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How the IPXO IP Marketplace Helps All Kinds of Businesses

When the IPv4 technology was first released in 1983, the creators came up with a 32-bit address space protocol. This means that there are only roughly 4.3 billion (or 232) IPv4 addresses available for use. A very large chunk of these addresses is being held by large corporations, IP transit providers, ISPs, and hyper scalers. Only 0.24% of all available IPv4 addresses are actively possessed by SMEs today.

IPXO is an international organization that has come up with a very unique and simple solution to this scarcity issue.

How Does IPXO Solve the Problem?

IPXO solves the scarcity issue by coming up with a one-of-its-kind marketplace. This is a forum where people will be able to lease IPs for a fixed period of time. Around 350 million IPv4 address blocks are currently owned but not being used by many companies. IPXO is a place where these companies can offer up their unused address blocks for rent. The rental price is very cheap, which means SMEs can afford it.

The mismatch between the supply and demand of IPv4 addresses can be best solved by creating an IP marketplace. This is exactly what IPXO has done, and it provides businesses with an easy and cost-effective alternative to buying IPv4 address blocks. For one, these IPv4 addresses have only become costlier over the past 5 years. It is well outside the capacity of a newly minted startup to avoid buying address blocks at this astronomical price. A marketplace is an innovative solution.

Benefits of Leasing Out Your Unused IPv4 Addresses

If your organization is currently sitting on an unused stock of IPv4 address blocks, then IPXO is a fantastic way for you to channel that into a steady stream of income. Liaise with the platform to offer IPv4 address blocks on rent to interested buyers at attractive rates. You will be able to turn your unused stock of addresses into revenue streams.

Customizable & Scalable: IPXO’s platform allows the lessors to choose the price of their liking. You cannot choose an unrealistically high price, but you can consult with the forum and decide on a price that suits your needs best. This function will help you to scale the revenue you bring in.

Secure & Compliant: Compliance is a major concern for businesses worldwide. At the same time, security is a very important concern as well. IPXO forum is 100% secure and fully compliant with all of the rules set up by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines established in May 2018.

Transparency: IPXO is bridging the massive gap between the supply and demand of IPv4 addresses. The only way to pull this off without a single hiccup is to assure 100% transparency. The forum will provide your firm with in-depth reports and analytics that pertain to your IPv4 addresses’ monetization and performance.

Letter of Authorization (LOA) Automation: Transferring ownership of an IP address block is a very long and arduous affair. However, leasing it out is very simple and all you need is a Letter of Authorization (LOA). IPXO simplifies things greatly by completely automating the LOA process required by the GDPR.

Constant Abuse Monitoring: Firms are initially reluctant to lease out their IP addresses because they are afraid of IP blacklisting. To help quell their fears, the IPXO platform has a strict system of abuse monitoring. They are ready to take the necessary steps in case the renter abuses your addresses.

Benefits of Leasing an IPv4 Address Block Instead of Purchasing

Just 5 years ago, an IPv4 address block cost $18-25. The actual cost of the block depended on the size of the subnet. By 2019, that cost had risen to $25-30 per block. If your business is new to the scene, then you obviously can’t afford to buy an IPv4 address block. Here are the benefits of leasing IPv4 addresses.

Find the Subnets You Need: The IPXO forum has all subnets on offer, ranging from /8 to /32. Browse through the listings and find an address block with the subnets that you are looking for. You can also lease IP blocks and reassign them to the network of your choice.

Easy IP Management: Managing the IPv4 addresses that you lease is also very easy. The IPXO marketplace will provide you with a proprietary IPAM system. These address management systems will help you to wield total control over all of the IPv4 addresses and address blocks that you end up leasing.

Lease via Geolocation: For businesses serving local markets, geographic location is a very important factor to consider. Using IPXO, you will be able to browse available IPv4 blocks for rent via geolocation. The forum is the easiest solution for you to pick address blocks in the RIR of your choice.

Cost-Effective Solution: The cost of an IPv4 address block is really high and it is not possible for fresh startups to afford such prices. Leasing an IP is a very cost-effective solution. IPXO is a forum that will provide you with the best prices in accordance with your unique needs.

No Commitment: The best thing about leasing IP addresses is that there is no fixed time commitment. You can rent addresses for the amount of time that you require – 6 months to a year. If you feel like you need more time, you just have to renew the lease contract.

Apart from all of this, IPXO also has automated LOA and contract processing systems as well. The leasing system is virtually instantaneous – you can sign the contract, make the payment, and reassign the leased IP to your network almost immediately. The cost-effectiveness and flexibility make it best for startups.

Summing Up

This is all of the information that you need to know about IPXO, which is an exciting new IP marketplace coming in 2021. When it launches, you will be able to reap financial benefits. Companies sitting on unused addresses can turn them into profits.

New startups looking to optimize their resource allocation can benefit greatly from the cost-effective prices and flexibility. This is a new-age solution to tackle a difficult problem until IPv6 is deployed.