How to acquire the best STC Internet packages?

STC is one of the market pioneers in Saudi Arabia. The company offers free internet, data packages, and balance transfer to international numbers. Read more about how to get a free STC Internet package.

STC is a market pioneer in Saudi Arabia

The STC Internet package has a comprehensive range of services that cater to the needs of business users. It has the ability to offer comprehensive solutions spanning infrastructure, hardware, software, connectivity, backup connectivity, and cloud services.

This service is a step towards a digitally advanced future and the emergence of advanced 5G technology.

STC offers free internet

If you’re considering purchasing a mobile package internet, you’re probably wondering how to get free internet. STC is celebrating the 90th anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s independence with free messages from the Crown Prince.

The STC network was established in 1976 and is expected to have more than 1.2 million subscribers by 2021. The network is available on all networks in Bahrain. You can also get free social packages with STC for thirty days.

Using the free data plan, you can access Facebook unlimitedly. Other benefits of free internet from STC include unlimited sending of documents, videos, and pictures.

STC offers balance transfer to international numbers

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STC offers social media packages

STC has launched new Internet packages and services, including social media and internet bundles.

As a bonus, STC offers social media packages, which customers can use free of cost for a 30-day trial period. For example, a free data package gives customers unlimited Facebook access, which they can use to send and receive documents, pictures, and videos.

Besides, STC also offers prepaid Internet packages for customers who do not want to pay monthly or subscribe to any other package. These packages come with unlimited calling within the STC network, social media access, and 100 GB of data.

To activate your STC Internet package, send 7220 SMS to 900 and the customer service team will activate your package for you. Then, follow the on-screen instructions and enjoy unlimited data and social media access.