How to Be a “Crunchy” Mom in 12 Easy Steps  

The label “crunchy” mom can have different connotations, depending on the audience discussing it. While many mothers that subscribe to that school of thought and lifestyle advocate its pros, many people shun it. It’s as if women leading “the crunchy mom life” are just experiencing some sort of an identity crisis.

Being a crunchy mom has a lot of perks, much like being a hippie. Even those that don’t approve of such a lifestyle tend to have some respect for these moms that choose to go their own way.

Below are easy steps to be a crunchy mom.

Use cloth diapers – Baby care products have come a long way. However, as a crunchy mom, you want to keep in touch with nature. Part of that ethos means you avoid disposable diapers, many of which are made of materials that are less-than environmentally friendly. Most support groups for crunchy moms follow this practice.

Use menstrual cups instead of tampons or pads – Many moms are unaware that there are other options besides tampons and sanitary pads. As a crunchy mom, menstrual cups are the way to go. It might be scary at first but once you get the hang of it then using it becomes easy.

Of course, it’s advisable to see your gynecologist before switching to these menstrual cups. This ensures that you don’t unnecessarily injure yourself when using it for the first time.

Breastfeed your babies – Contrary to what many doctors and lactation consultants would have you believe, breastfeeding is good for a baby. As a crunchy mom, you want to ensure that your child breastfeeds for at least a year.

Studies show that breastfed babies, on average, have fewer incidences of illness compared to those that are bottle-fed.

Use homeopathy and natural oils – Garlic mullein oil is great for minor ear infections. Coconut oils are great for minor bruises. As a crunchy mom, you should keep such products handy in case you need them.

Crunchy moms know when to see a doctor for a medical condition. However, for minor cases such as those mentioned, they resort to natural home remedies.

Avoid using plastic – In keeping with the ethos of protecting Mother Nature, the use of any non-biodegradable materials should be avoided. Crunchy moms know this, which is why they would rather use glass containers for storing food instead of plastic ones.

Avoiding polyethylene is also part of the crunchy mom way of being environmentally friendly.

Homeschool your children – Instead of taking your kids to a public school where they are likely to pick up bad habits like doing drugs, homeschool them. As a crunchy mom, this ensures that you’re on top of every aspect of their education.

In addition to the academic flexibility, homeschooling also means you can choose the pace and style of learning, all in keeping with the crunchy mom “hippie” spirit.

Don’t spank your kids – As a crunchy mom, you should avoid spanking and scolding your kids. The ideal punishment should be a “time out,” where you send your kid to their bedroom. You don’t want your punishments to hurt the child’s feelings to the point of being counterproductive. Being “zen” in your punishment is the way of the crunchy mom.

Natural birth – This is part and parcel of being a crunchy mom. You want to avoid anesthetics and all other complicated medical procedures associated with a modern health facility. The idea is to bring forth a kid as naturally as possible without professional medical attention. Go a step further and document the whole thing, preferably with a video camera for posterity.

Marijuana effect – You can do this after delivery. As a crunchy mom that believes in natural remedies, you want to reap all the benefits associated with smoking pot and its related products. Cannabidiol (CBD), for example, is derived from some cannabis strains. It offers several health benefits like controlling insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety. Try to incorporate such products into your everyday life.

Avoid watching television – Being connected with nature means doing away with certain things that provide constant distraction. Instead of sitting in front of the television set for hours, read a book instead or meditate. This is more productive and is in keeping with the rebel lifestyle of a crunchy mom.

Be serious about oral health – As a crunchy mom, you should be a stickler for having healthy, gleaming teeth. Maintenance of good teeth should be done in the most natural and environmentally-friendly way possible. Instead of using peroxide and other dental products from your local drug store, use things like charcoal instead.

Do homestead – Crunchy moms do what they do for one major reason—self-sufficiency. Whether it’s using homemade products to treat minor illnesses or using natural oils for cooking, the idea is to be self-reliant while being in touch with nature.

Instead of going to the grocery store to purchase products, you can grow veggies in your backyard. This ensures that you’re getting natural foods free from harmful chemicals. As part of homesteading, you can also do your landscaping.