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How to be successful at dating

Mid-twenties – when you’re out of high school and university life, fabricating a career and facing the odds of life practically – are the years when you need to have a partner who has got your back no matter what. That’s the time when you’ve moved on from your crushes, are done with toxic relationships, and are looking for something serious – maybe the man/woman of your life! But not all of us are wizards at keeping and we latch on to this after we’ve lost the most precious chance that life has ever bestowed us with. So here are a few things that one should mind to enjoy dating that lasts long and is happy!

Are they really your soulmate?

You have dated a dozen people by now, but have had a reason to move on every time, so find someone who doesn’t give you that reason. Life’s not a fairytale, but it isn’t a nightmare either, so chances are that you can find someone worth staying for.

Consider the vibes while choosing someone. Vibes say a lot! It doesn’t work if your energy doesn’t match. Don’t be with that girl just because she was the most popular in high school and you had a crush on her. Looks aren’t enough; don’t date that guy just because he has got a handsome bank balance. Gucci bags or Channel mascaras won’t buy you happiness! Choose someone if they make you happy if they don’t leave the butterflies in your stomach untamed, choose someone who matches you!

Now that you’ve found the one, the art is to hold on to that person! For that,

…understand your partner

The twenty-first century has got everyone’s nerves convoluted and minds drained, so the paramount factor that makes a relationship healthy is understanding. Open your mind and try to understand your partner’s anxieties, childhood traumas, what made them who they are, what scares them, and what makes them happy and why. No one in this world is perfect, so understand the negative traits of their personality, what makes them insecure, and what they are obsessed with.

Get to know your partner in-depth and assess if you can understand them and whether this understanding is enough for a long-term relationship. – says Sara Kovalsky from

Give space

Hijacking someone’s space in the name of a relationship is the worst thing you could do. Everyone has their life and no one is entitled to give up all their privacy for you. You’re a part of your partner’s life, but remember that their life is not and should not be all about you. They have a circle of their own, and their dragons to slay. They need some room to breathe and would be suffocated if it wasn’t provided, so try to avoid imposing your life on your partner. Take it as a positive practice and make them at home with yourself.


Most riots between couples are a consequence of misunderstandings which can lead a relationship to a disaster. You expect your partner to understand you and to know what bothers you and what makes you upset, but for that, you need to speak. “Communication is the key” as we’ve heard since childhood. It really is! Talk to your partner so that misunderstandings and problems can be resolved, break the ice if your partner is bad at expressing him/herself. If something bothers you, be explicit about it, don’t expect them to read your mind. Remember, communication is a two-way road. So be an initiator, speak about your expectations and needs, don’t hide them.

Own your partner

If you’re with someone, behave like it! Show commitment to your partner by owning them. Eliminate distractions and temptations that can get you off track. Sincerity and honesty come first and nothing is more attractive than showing your love and respect for your partner. Show them that you are proud of being with them. Don’t cheat on your partner. Don’t be with someone if they are not enough for you and if you’re attracted to others more than to your partner. Once you’ve committed, stay loyal to them.

Accept your partner’s flaws

Appreciate your partner for who they are with all their perfections and flaws. Consider your flaws, appreciate your partner for accepting them, and reciprocate. If a flaw of your partner irks you, think about the reason behind it. If any trait of their personality bothers you, talk about it. Don’t try to dictate to your partner to eliminate the flaw. Work on it with them compassionately.


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