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How to be successful in sports betting: which assistant to choose in 2021

At any time and regardless of the factors, it is very difficult to beat the bookie. This is not a matter of the usual odds of fortune, which are set once in a few dozen matches, but of a long-term perspective. That is why we recommend using effective and proven strategies, adjusting and modeling them to our style in betting.

It’s the only way to win at the betting offices. As you know, to make the desired profit, you have to close the margin. The task is not easy and it will be necessary to calculate a lot, to think, to work out a plan of action that will allow earning stability and a lot, about 10-20%. Uncertainty resolves the rest.

What is this and why is it mentioned in the context of bookies? Everyone is aware of the professionalism of BC, which is known to work at no cost. Therefore, companies try to anticipate all the uncertainties, covering this with coefficients and margins. Beginners are constantly leaning on this and probably will never go out of fashion tactics: «I bet on favorites, that is on the lowest coefficients!».

A creepy version that languages doesn’t turn to call strategy. But it still thrives and brings bookies a lot of money. Yes, it is in this format, because a bet on 1.01-1.2 makes no sense even millions. So the newbies are adding another option to their tactics to get the money out quickly – the express.

When the coupon contains 3-7 events with low coefficients, the total will also not exceed 2-3. Each outcome is considered an additional risk, even when playing favorites, against the 10th-20th league teams, if there are any. There’s a chance of winning and losing 10 times more.

It is feasible to try to reduce uncertainty, but in detail, it is clear that the bookmaker is more likely to do so, and this asymmetry is already present at this stage. Many companies promise that all opportunities are distributed in such a way that each side has the same options for earning 50 by 50.

The more brazen point to 60-40 in favor of the concrete, but everyone should finally realize that no gambling platform would exist on the market, losing money all the time. You can’t think of it as cheating, because the simple principle is whether you want to make a prediction. Asymmetries are already delicate and present in almost every area of activity.

It is extremely difficult to understand to what extent the results will be determined by a particular type of uncertainty. Although you can take this into account, but again, the risks are huge, and the chances are close to zero.


The betting sphere is considered to be well-thought-out, as companies present their options and prices, after which the player must decide whether to bet or not. When the coefficients are good and the concrete is satisfied, they analyze the probability of their passage and invest a certain amount of money to make a bet.

If the player has already accepted the call, then the bookie has no right to mark the bet. At least that’s the thing about proven and reliable gambling platforms that you can trust. Fraudulent BCs do what they want, so you don’t even have to discuss their approach to business.

No one other than some bookies’ employees knows the true coefficients. They can be understated and this is understandable, as well as a common practice. For example, in a match between a favorite and an outsider, the coefficients are 1.5-3.1.

However, the bookmaker knows from insider information that a stronger team does not need a win in this game and the true quotes look something like this: 1.9-2.2.

Some offices do, and many do 1.5-3.1. In this case, it’s a pretty risky move if the company has many registered professionals. But then again, there are still enough people betting on leaders, analyzing only some of their matches or face-to-face meetings.


Given the asymmetry, it is possible to note that bookmakers do influence the possibilities of the concrete. In simple terms, even a factor of 1.6 instead of 1.9 is considered to be a significant difference, especially if the player operates large amounts for bets. There are only a few such changes and the company’s risks are already being reduced.

The player also takes no risks but also loses a certain percentage of the money, which should be attributed to asymmetry, but on the other hand, it will not. Why? Because initially, both sides are at risk, both the bookmaker and the player. In the former case, the company can “fail” if the better put a round sum on high coefficients and wins.

When a player places a bet on a sizable quotation, they also run the risk that their prediction will not go in. Let’s just say that very few people bet on high coefficients at all.

However, bookmakers themselves are often wrong, even without manipulating coefficients. How does this happen:

Errors in the pre-match line. If the bookmaker is a large company, it is extremely rare that such deficiencies occur and are classified as “impossible”. This should include low quotes for favorites, which can “drain” the game due to the fact that they simply do not need it. This happens in the final stages of tournaments.

In Live, bookies can be mistaken by a delayed reaction to all changes in the course of the match. This is a great opportunity to bet on an arbitration situation that a betting company may overlook, especially if the event is unpopular. These include removals, hazards, leadership changes, weather changes.

Errors in the spelling of the athlete’s surname. These are rare situations where the line represents the wrong player to be. For example, Nick Morris and Neil Morris can appear as N.Morris and guess who the bookie is referring to. Of course, the office itself may fail when the “wrong side” coefficients are confused.


The Betters cannot see the true coefficients, but through careful analysis by and careful application of the established strategy, it is possible to constantly look for good options for earning a living without paying attention to the established opinion that to beat the bookmaker from-for asymmetries is completely unrealistic.

Everything is possible and important only to choose a great office that will not “resent” the fact that players take advantage of its mistakes and will not block accounts or cut limits.