How To Build An Inclusive Workplace Culture

Inclusivity in the workplace has evolved since the late 1990s, which is good news for all businesses, as inclusivity brings with it a positive connection to the organization, at least from the employee’s perspective.

If you would like your company to be more inclusive, here are a few key steps to take.

Start At The Top – First, you have to convince the top management that inclusivity is indeed very beneficial for the organization as a whole. This will ensure they are committed and will do everything they can to promote inclusion.

Let’s say you went ahead with an inclusivity program, and you did not take the time to point out all the advantages to the CEO, they might hinder progress or put it on the back burner.

Integrate At All Levels – If you create initiatives that promote inclusivity at all levels, employees have a greater understanding of what inclusivity is all about. Organise activities for the shop floor staff and when going on an annual social excursion, make it as inclusive as you can.

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Integrate Inclusivity Into The Company’s Core Values – This is the best way to establish an inclusive culture in the workplace and it can be done by adding specific content to all company literature.

All new employees should receive a presentation pack that contains literature on inclusivity, which helps them to integrate well into the organization. If you have too much to do, a leading HR agency can help you with inclusivity, as they have an in-house team of HR experts.

Model Inclusive Language – To completely embrace inclusivity, you should model inclusive language when communicating at all levels.

Have a workshop on inclusive language to help managers incorporate the right language into their day-to-day dialogue. Consult with a leading HR agency about how to bring inclusivity into the workplace and let the HR professionals put things in place to achieve the goal.

Teach Correct Inclusivity Terms – Aside from modeling correct language, a short session for all staff would help them to become familiar with these terms. Any leading HR agency would be able to compile and deliver a course on inclusivity and the terms used, helping to create the right ambiance.

Recognize & Reward – Every business should recognize and reward employees who perform well. If you don’t have staff that can oversee this initiative, talk to a leading HR agency, where they have all the solutions.

Sharing success is important if you wish to create a winning attitude; encourage positive competition within different departments, yet there must be a line, it must not negatively impact the company.

Create Events That Promote Inclusivity – To cement inclusivity, you can organize events that promote an inclusive culture.

Integrate inclusivity into existing events, as well as create new initiatives. After a couple of years, inclusivity will be ingrained into the organization’s culture, which is the goal.

Gender-Neutral Restrooms – This is another way to promote inclusivity, creating safe areas where every person will feel they are included. You could ask your employees for ideas on how to make the company more inclusive.

You might be pleasantly surprised at some of the suggestions and add some to your inclusivity list.

Building an inclusive culture in the workplace requires careful planning and by consulting with an HR agency, you can successfully implement inclusivity into your company’s culture. Indeed, an established HR agency can offer many services, which are tailored to suit the client’s needs.