How to calculate parlay odds on 188BET

Continue to be an article-sharing betting experience for players of 188BET. Parlay has always been a favorite bet as it offers great profits to players, and understanding how Parlay odds are calculated will give players more confidence while making parlay betting decisions.

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Some types of parlay bets on 188BET you should know

Parlay bets have many types, depending on the number of matches and the number of bets you want to place, parlay bets at will be divided as follows:

  • If the number of bets is 2, it is called a Double.
  • If the number of bets is 3, it is called a Treble.
  • If the number of bets is 4, it is called a 4-fold.
  • If the number of bets is 5, it is called a 5-fold.
  • If the number of bets is 6 then it is called a 6-fold.
  • If the number of bets is 7 then it is called a 7-fold.
  • If the number of bets is 8 then it is called an 8-fold.

How to calculate parlay bets on 188BET Online

Before viewing match reviews and placing bets, you need to choose how to display the odds on the sports betting interface system. With this type of bet, you should choose the Decimal type because it will show the simplest and most specific information you need.

How to calculate parlay odds when all single bets you place win

In the event that all the bets you place in the bet are single and all wins, you can calculate the amount of your bet you will win according to the formula:

Odds = Odds 1 x Odds 2 x Odds 3 x … x Odds n

Example: There are 3 odds for Chelsea; MU and Liverpool are equivalent to three odds of 2.16; 2.09 and 1.99 then your skew ratio will be 2.16 x 2.09 x 1.99 = 8.9837. If you bet $10 for one unit, you will receive a total of $89.837.

How to calculate the odds in the case of a draw / half win / half loss

If in the event of a tie, half win or half loss, the way to calculate the odds ratio will be more complicated. Especially when you bet on Asian or Over Under. Specifically:

  • If there is a tie or cancellation: The odds will be calculated as 1
  • If a half win occurs: Replace with [1 + (odds ratio – 1) / 2]
  • If a half-loss occurs: The odds are replaced by 1/2. So the correct formula for these cases would be: Odds = Odds to win x (1 + (Half of odds -1) / 2) x 1/2 (if the bet loses half) x 1 (if the bet is a draw) …]

Specific example: In case you place a 3 parlay bet with odds like:

  • Real Madrid 1 – 0 Fulham/Fulham -0.75 1.90/ Half won;
  • Barcelona 1 – 1 Liverpool / +2.25 1.80/ Half lost;
  • Stoke 0 – 0 Manchester United/ Stoke +0.5 1.95/ Win.

With the result as above, the specific parlay odds you will get is: [1 + (1.90 – 1) / 2] x 1/2 x 1.95 = 1.4137. If you had previously bet $100 per unit, you would have received a total of $141.37.

Notes to know when betting on parlays on 188BET Live

  • When playing parlays, you should not choose bets in the same match. Except for the Treble of Asian, European and Over/Under bets.
  • You have the right to choose all bets from other sports when betting, as long as it is on the dealer’s list.
  • Parlay bets carry a certain amount of risk, so you should only choose between two and four bets when playing to improve your odds of winning.
  • You should choose bookies that are more inclined to bet on football because some will have an additional bonus when betting on parlays, making it easier for you to make a profit.


So, once you understand how parlays are calculated, you can focus on analyzing and learning the information of the two teams in that match. This will help you understand more specific and clear information, improving your win rate when betting on 188BET.