How to Calculate POAS in Google Ads?

The online marketing industry is always evolving, and it requires a lot of efforts to keep up with the latest trends. But luckily for you, our team here at Adnabu has done all the research for you! Let’s explore what it takes to reach success in this competitive environment by learning about Profit On Ad Spend (POAS) today.

What is POAS?

POAS or Profit on Ad Spend is a metric to measure the efficiency of your digital advertising campaigns. ROAS helps determine what are working and how you can improve future efforts.

With the amount of marketing channels available to businesses, it can be a daunting task to determine which one is most profitable. This article will identify what needs to happen in order for marketing channels to be worthwhile investments and get into profitability.

How to do the POAS Calculation?

The Formula to Calculate POAS is Very Simple, It is as follows

Gross profit/ad spend= POAS

For Example: If I spend $20,000 on paid search in the month of August and Generated $60,000 as Gross profit, then my POAS is 3.


Why does POAS Matters?

POAS (return on ad spend) matters significantly as it evaluates the performance of campaigns and how they contribute to an online store’s overall earning (bottom line), observation and finding of POAS across all campaign help in future budgets, marketing plans, and formulation of strategy.

POAS Analysis and Ads Budget: How to make it efficient

POAS Analysis and Ads Budget is a process that many ecommerce businesses go through on a regular basis. This process typically involves an POAS analysis, which means the company tracks their Profit On Ad Spend (or Return Of Ad spend) over time to see if they’re getting a return on investment in the form of increased revenue or usage. Tracking this data can help determine how much profit per customer acquisition cost they are making and what type of ads perform best for them across platforms like Facebook or Google.

What is a good POAS for your Google shopping adsCampaigns?

Achieving a good POAS is difficult and there is no definite answer for telling whether or not your business has achieved a Good POAS. However, operating expenses, profit margin, and the overall performance of the business can all influence how high your POAS needs to be in order to maintain profitability. For example, if you have a low profit margin then you may need an even higher POAS to maintain profitability whereas if you have a high profit margin then it could survive with just lower levels of profitability.

Difference between ROAS and POAS

Marketing ROI is the measure of how much profit an advertiser makes from every dollar spent on their marketing campaign. Recently, marketers have been focusing more and more on Profit on Ad Spend (POAS) which measures gross revenue generated for every dollar spent.

It’s a great way to benchmark the effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns while also being able to see if you’re generating as much money as possible from each ad click or impression. ROAS is return on ad spend, but in ecommerce it is actually often used ad revenue on ad spend. That don’t tell anything about the profitability of the revenue. Here an average margin is often used.