How to Change a Hot Water Tank

Do the necessary research:

First of all, make sure you have all the proper tools and materials you need to install a Hot Water Tank properly. Do the necessary research before attempting to install your hot water tank.

First, you’re going to want to turn off the gas, power, and water supply to the tank. Then put on a hose on the bottom on the hot water tank to drain the leftover water out of the tank. Now you will need to take the inlet and outlet nipples off the water tank. You will need to use two pipe wrenches for this. You can change the hot water tank by yourself after reading this article. Anf if you have any problem you can contact to hot water tank calgary by browsing the site.

How to change hot water tank:

If it’s a gas water heater, use your two pipe wrenches and disconnect the union, that is between the supply pipe and the inlet pipe, or it might be a flared fitting. You can take the flue hat off too as well since the tank is not running.

Now that your tank is disconnected move it out of the way, and put your new one where the old one was. Make sure that you can get to all the dials buttons properly when you put the tank back. A good rule of thumb is to use about 6 inches around. So this means to make sure that there is nothing flammable within 6 inches of your tank. Make sure too that it sits level on the floor, you may have to make some shims.

Then, Put Teflon tape on the inlet and outlet nipples and then put them into the new tank. Make sure that the blue goes into the cold and the red goes into the hot. Also, be sure that all the arrow indicators are all pointing in the proper direction of flow.

Attach flexible hoses on the inlet and outlet water pipes. If you don’t see a supply shut off valve on the cold side, I will install one, to cover yourself. After you are sure that everything is connected back properly, open the valve to fill the tank up, while this is happening, I would open up a few hot water faucets to get some of the air out.

Put back together with the gas pipes just like they were before… you might need to change it a bit, but not too much. Make sure that you use Teflon tape and pipe dope on each fitting, then tighten them back together with your pipe wrenches. Grab your manufacturer instructions to connect the gas supply tubing. After the gas is on test all your joints, making sure that there are not leaking. Use the soapy water to check the leakage; it will just bubble for you if there is any leakage. Then you may need to go back and crank on them again.