How to choose an oxygen machine to live on the plateau?

Recently, a netizen asked me in a private message how to choose a machine to go to highland for self driving tour. I see very few people write this article online. I think as an oxygen generator science officer, it is necessary to stand up and write an article to explain.

I write according to the needs of two kinds of people, one is self driving tour, the other is long-term resident.

It is human nature to let oneself be free and at ease. Many people yearn for this freedom in their bones. Most people are forced by life and responsibility, trapped in the city, but they still have the dream of plateau freedom.

Self driving people are typical of this type. They belong to a group of people who got rich first. The plain city scenery can no longer meet their needs, so they run to the plateau, in pursuit of beautiful, non-commercial, pure natural scenery.

The environment is beautiful, there is no good support equipment to ensure the comfort of the body, there is no intention to watch, plateau oxygen generator is one of the essential materials.

Before you choose the plateau oxygen concentrator, you must first understand some basic knowledge, please read it patiently.

When it comes to the general idea, first understand your body, the power of the oxygen concentrator, and the altitude of the local environment; then choose the appropriate machines and accessories.

Understand the relationship between oxygen concentration in the air and the body

Under normal conditions, the oxygen concentration in the air is 20.7%. Strictly speaking, if the oxygen concentration in the air is lower than this value, it is hypoxia. It depends on the tolerance of each person’s body.

When the oxygen concentration in the air drops to 16% – 14%, the respiration becomes deeper, the pulse becomes stronger, the blood pressure rises, and the coordination function of limbs deteriorates.

When the oxygen concentration in the air drops to 14% – 10%, fatigue, psychomotor disorders, inattention and mental disorders, such as being drunk, and then losing sense of direction and unconsciousness, can occur.

When the oxygen concentration in the air is reduced to 10% – 6%, headache, tinnitus, vertigo, nausea, vomiting and cyanosis occur, fever occurs throughout the body, the ability to move and speak is lost, and the consciousness is quickly lost and coma occurs.

When the oxygen concentration in the air drops below 6%, the blood pressure drops, the heartbeat is weak, convulsions, mouth breathing, rapid stop breathing, and enter the state of death.

Understand the power of plateau concentration of oxygen

Nowadays, there are not many manufacturers producing high altitude oxygen generators. The former has high technical requirements, while the latter has low market demand, high investment and poor effect.

Many manufacturers do not produce plateau machines from the perspective of their own input-output development.

At present, the main manufacturers of plateau machinery are Yashi, turtle, Altay, etc., which belong to the old brand manufacturers of plateau machinery.

Whether the plateau oxygen production is stable still needs to be tested by the manufacturer on site.

At this time, some readers may ask, what is the relationship between my going to the plateau and strength?

It’s important, of course. If you have a long life, you can choose 5-10l power supply.

But if you travel by car, the amount of electricity you have determines the size of the battery. Besides the oxygen generator, your other accessories are also heavy. Can you fly on the plateau?

The battery is too low to use. The oxygen generator you buy is equivalent to a monitor. It’s better not to buy it.

Know the height of the place you are going to

In the first part, I talked about the relationship between oxygen concentration in the air and human body. Besides the oxygen concentration of air and body, altitude is also related to the performance of oxygen concentrator.

The higher the altitude, the thinner the air, and the weaker the endurance of the body.

We can’t change the concentration of oxygen in the air. It is a long process to improve one’s physical quality.

Only oxygen generators are industrial products. Once you know the height of the destination, you can choose the appropriate product. This is the fastest and best way to increase oxygen.

For example, in the turbo V5 ns prototype, the oxygen concentration was maintained at 91.1% at 4850 M. After knowing this data, as long as the altitude is within 5000 meters, we can directly select this machine.

If you want to go to an altitude above 5000 meters, choose Yashi new life intensity 10 and turtle prototype 10l-hg10.

Understand the common automotive battery power in the market

This chapter has a lot to do with the owners of self driving tours, so non self driving tours do not need to be read.

  • Review 1: physical formula in reading, power (W) = current (ah) × voltage (V)
  • Review 2: the power range of plateau oxygen generator is 450w-650w.

Can the batteries in our car drive this range of oxygen generators?

To answer this question, I have investigated the battery power of several common self driving cars for your reference.

The operating temperature of the battery is directly proportional to the available capacity. Starting from the optimal operating temperature of 25 ℃, the available capacity decreases by about 0.8% for every 1 degree reduction, and the capacity can be recovered when the temperature rises.

Let me take the data of halving the battery capacity as an example. We can see that batteries and cars can not meet the needs of plateau oxygen generators.

Even if your car is a RV, the battery power is enough to drive the oxygen generator, but it can’t meet the needs of mobile machines.

People who go on self driving tours have experienced it. People often separate the car from camping, barbecue and entertainment by 50 meters in an open place.

Therefore, if it is a self driving tour, it must be equipped with an external battery.

What size battery is suitable for

As mentioned above, the power of plateau oxygen generator is 480w-590w

Let me take a 480W oxygen  as an example. How much battery is needed.

If you need to inhale oxygen for five hours on a plateau, you need 2400W of battery capacity

If you need to inhale oxygen for 2 hours on a plateau, you need 960W of battery capacity

It’s the same at other times

To answer your questions about batteries, I’d like to ask people in the battery industry to get the following data.

About charging: it can be charged on the car or at home

Take 2000W battery capacity as an example

Car charging: when driving, charging at the same time, continuous charging can be full for 24 hours
Household charging: under the voltage of 220 V, it can be fully charged in 11.5 hours
Solar charging: this can be ignored, because the time is too long

Battery size: the size of a suitcase
Battery weight: about 17kg
Battery type: lithium battery

The principle of choosing the battery is to choose the big one or not to choose the small one. After all, with a huge power supply, you can cook rice and noodles in addition to oxygen.