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How To Choose Skateboard Shoes – 2020 Guide

Skating has been in fashion for a long time. Now, many love to do skateboarding not just for fun, but even professionally. Whether you have just started skateboarding or you are a professional, choosing the best shoes for skateboarding is an important decision. There is variety and it comes to trying different skateboard shoes. So, if you are a high impact skateboarder then you cannot take any chances. You need the best skateboard shoes which can help you jump off things and allow you to meet different styles of skateboarding.

Here we are sharing the 2020 skateboard shoes beginner’s guide to understand what you all have to look for in a skate shoe before making a purchase. We will discuss looking for the things in the best skateboard shoes which hold a value in the market and why these features are loved by many skateboard enthusiasts.

Vulcanized and Cupsole:

Are you in a cupsole camp or a vulcanized camp? So, skateboard shoes come in one form or another. These both help you skate in a unique way and different from each other to meet the different demands of the skateboarders. It depends on what you like to choose.

In vulcanized the rubber is heated at a very high temperature and pressed more quickly. The gummy is very tender and soft. It is applied to the sole of shoes directly. Therefore, vulcanized soles are very soft and give you an amazing feel of the board as well as the grip. They are quite flexible and break in very quickly. Trade offs are very soft as compared to the cupsoles rubber. It is not very durable and lacks the heel support unlike cupsoles.

The construction of a cupsole is from where the sole is either glued or stitched together. It is exceptionally unique and offers great protection in regards to impact absorption and foot or ankle support.  The negative thing is that the board feel and durability is not very good though many companies are working to improve the feel of cupsoles.

Basic difference: Depending on the type of skateboard you are using and which style you prefer the selection of cupsole or vulcanized sole can be made. Cupsole has a textured rubber finish whereas the Vulcanized has a smooth rubber finish. Cupsole feels a little stiff and not very flexible. It is a one piece rubber sole. The vulcanized feels soft and more flexible. It has a bumper that wraps around the front.

Low tops, mid tops or high tops

This depends on the personal preference of a skateboarder. So as per your skateboarding style you can make a choice. Low tops sit below the ankle and help one to move freely, but the ankle support and security is less. The mid tops sit around the ankle level and give more support than the low tops. It is neither bulky nor restrictive as the high tops. High tops sit above the ankle and give more protection for the ankles but it can affect your mobility.

Explore all the layers:

To choose the best skateboard shoes you need to know about the layers that are involved in making a skate shoe. First you need to know about the cushioning. In heel, insole and midsole the cushioning is more and skate shoes that have more cushioning will offer less board feel , but this thing is changing slowly. If you like to chuckle yourself down the flights of gaps and stairs or skating in hubbas or large handrails or catching huge airs then you will need a pair of skate shoes that has good cushioning which is able to handle the impact and eliminate bruises on heels.

The midsole is made of EVA foam and is very lightweight. It is very flexible as well and lies above the outsole. It gives more cushioning. The other materials which are used in this are polyurethane and PU which lasts for a long time.

The insole lies on the top of the midsole. It is made of foam or gel or the combination of both. There is a removable insole in the shoes and you can take it out if you  feel the cushioning is not very comfortable. Choose another pair. If the insole is thin then you can add another insole. The board feel will not be at its optimum level. The companies which are specialized in making the skate insoles are Remind and Etcetera.

There is extra heel cushioning in some shoes and it is in the form of airbags and gel inserts. The tread of a skate shoe’s outsole can affect the grip and the fell of the board. There are two popular patterns in most of the van shoes and these are Herringbone pattern and tread patterns. Most of the skate shoes showcase a tread pattern.

Finding the right fit:

Last but not the least, no matter what type of skateboard you are using you need to get the right fit. This will help you feel no discomfort and pain. There will be no loss of circulation as well. These will neither be very tight or lose and if you want snugness then it is your choice. There should be minimal or no heels lifted at all.

When you buy the best skate shoes you should try the shoes that are on in store and then buy these online if you get them at a cheap price. Many shoes loosen up once you start using them so do take this in account when you fit it for the first time. You must wear socks when fitting and do wear the socks when fitting the shoes.

Conclusion: So, these are some of the basic things discussed in this buyer’s guide that can assist you in purchasing the best skateboard shoes which meet your skateboarding style and preference. It will help you find the best pair that suits your requirements. .