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How to Choose the Best Netflix VPN 

Netflix is an American on-demand streaming subscription and production platform popular for its wide range of selective movies, documentaries, series, TV series, and other numerous videos with original content.

It has over 200 million users worldwide who get the privilege of binge-watching the content totally free of unnecessary advertisements.

The huge library collection inside Netflix often gets restricted to certain locations owing to various copyright agreements.

To put it in simple words, many of you won’t be able to view the movies, documentaries, series, TV series, etc., that you want to watch based on the country you live in or currently stay in.

As a result, whenever you travel abroad, you must enlist the assistance of a VPN in order to gain access to the content with full security, just as you would when using streaming services from the comfort of your own home.

So, what is a VPN? Why exactly should you need one for Netflix? How to choose the best Netflix VPN? Are there any free Netflix VPNs out there?

What is a VPN, and why do you require a VPN for Netflix?

A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, can be defined as a connection expressed in codes all over the Internet through a certain device to a network.

The enciphered connection guarantees the safe transmission of sensitive data, which restricts uncertified, unlicensed, or unofficial individuals from monitoring or overseeing the network traffic.

VPNs basically help the users watch the contents remotely. Taking the help of a VPN while streaming the contents of Netflix suggests that your internet activity will be efficiently hidden from the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

It will reduce the chances of encountering a bandwidth limitation that affects the network or device speed, and you will be able to chill on Netflix without any unnecessary interruptions!

How to choose the best Netflix VPN?

So, now that you have understood what exactly is a VPN and why you will need a VPN for Netflix, let’s check out how to determine the best VPN for Netflix:

Data Privacy & Security: The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a VPN for Netflix is the data privacy and security features. A VPN must possess a DNS (Domain Name System) Leak Protection to be capable of keeping you and your information safe and preventing it from getting leaked or distorted.

It would be great to include a kill switch to automatically disconnect the connection between your Internet and confirm your privacy.

The VPN encryption should be done at the pinnacle level in order to protect the data from third parties like the ISP used by you or any external hackers breaching into the internet traffic to decrypt or leak the data.

Speed: It is very much possible for a slow VPN to make your connection speed suffer while it routes or reroutes your traffic through its own private servers. A fast VPN, instead, will prevent this problem by spreading out numerous serving networks worldwide.

Remember that distance can be a factor in affecting your network speed. The more international servers your VPN uses, the more guaranteed it will be that you will get access to a server closer to your location.

Streaming: If you desire to discover a VPN that lets you watch shows on Netflix which are blocked or censored in specific geographical locations in your country, you must take the help of those VPNs which support streaming.

It includes VPNs that allow fast speed and well-optimized servers along with unlimited bandwidth to prevent unnecessary buffering and other similar interruptions while streaming video content.

Compatibility: The best Netflix VPN must be highly compatible with all of the platforms and devices that you use. Bonus points if it also allows several connectivities to perform efficiently at the same time.

Customer Support: Lastly, the best Netflix VPN must offer a decent, quick, and 24/7 responsive customer support service team. These representatives must be capable of clearing up all the doubts or queries that many new users face while dealing with the multiple configurations and settings in a VPN.

What are some of the free Netflix VPNs you can consider using?

Below are listed some best Free VPN for Netflix recommendations that you can use while traveling abroad:

  • ExpressVPN: This fast, free software VPN was launched and marketed as a privacy and security tool that will encrypt the traffic of Netflix or any other website you plan to use and hide the IP address.
  • Windscribe: This is a free browser extension and desktop application that has made great compatibility with Netflix the prime focus of their service. It will provide you with distinctly optimized servers to work in close association with the Netflix service.
  • ProtonVPN: This is yet another great security-focused free VPN service that gives access to all that Netflix content that is restricted in various geographical locations. The platform will supply you with a wide range of applications, including those built for Android TV to display the content playing on the Netflix mobile application.
  • CyberGhost: This is a well-trusted VPN provider available worldwide, along with places with internet censors. With the help of this platform, you can stream Netflix from any device, and from anywhere you want.


It is to remind you that VPNs are very much dependent on the device capacity and speed of their network connectivity.

At the very minimum, a VPN needs at least 1 GB of memory space capacity. You can start with 1 GB for every 150 devices connected. The importance of the good connectivity of your network lies in how it impacts the encryption procedure of the VPN, the protocol utilized by it, and the distance to the server.

So, it is very crucial to choose a VPN that is well suited to your network speed and device memory.

It must also be mentioned that it is certainly not illegal in any way to watch Netflix with a VPN. That is, there is currently no civil or criminal charge filed against you anywhere in the world for using a VPN to access Netflix streaming services.