How to Choose the Best Vitamin K2 Supplement for Overall Health

You probably know the primary vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain your health if you are serious about supplements. It is likely, therefore, that you would be greatly surprised by this post. Did you know that there are two variants of vitamin K, known as Vitamin K1 and K2?

As a substance unknown to many, Vitamin K2 is a nutrient found in vegetables and animal origin foods. You can also get Vitamin K2 through the dose of some formulations like megaquinone k2-7. 

What Is Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K2 is an essential fat-soluble material (dissolved in dietary fat) for body balance. This enzyme, also known as menaquinone, is effective in the case of blood clotting and bone health. Vitamin K2 produces a variety of beneficial effects on bone and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Menaquinone often acts as a molecule that can trigger and transmit signals across body cells. For this reason, some evaluation shows that vitamin K2 still has stabilizing and oxidative properties as a hormone.

Benefits of a Vitamin K2 Supplement

A hectic lifestyle, poor diet, very restricted diets, or convalescent states can unbalance your menaquinone levels, both explicitly (by reducing the consumption of this vitamin) and indirectly (by negatively affecting our microbiota). You should use a vitamin K2 supplement if it is impossible to change your habits dramatically or if you want to improve health during physically or mentally challenging times.

Clinical studies reported to date show that Vitamin K2 supplements or menaquinone formulations such as megaquinone k2-7 can help the following people:

People with Osteoporosis

The potential of vitamin K2 for osteoporosis prevention and recovery, a bone condition predisposing to a bone fracture, is currently being studied. Menaquinone can facilitate the transportation of calcium from the bone to strengthening people’s bones with low mineralization.

People with Cardiovascular risk  

By preventing deposits of calcium in the arteries, vitamin K2 could oppose arterial stiffness. The studies show that megaquinone tends to support cardiovascular health and substantially decrease the risk of heart disease.

People Who Wish To Improve Physical Performance

An exciting study in North America showed that this nutrient does not only benefit older adults; it also seems to increase physical resistance in young, healthy people.

How to Use Vitamin K2 Supplement?

If you wish to benefit most from menaquinone dietary supplements, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that you do not follow any treatments that can affect the supplementation. You can also use the recommendations below:


A healthy vitamin K2 supplement can provide menaquinone adjusted to your age and sex. However, people have used doses much higher than those prescribed without any side effects. As per the experts, a regular supplement of 45-100 μg of vitamin K2 is usually suggested.

At What Time?

Usually, the efficacy of vitamin K2 doesn’t seem to change depending on the time of intake. Some individuals, though, prefer to take this dietary supplement in the morning, saying nighttime intake affects their ability to fall asleep.

With or Without Food

Vitamin K2 is a mineral that is soluble in fat. This term refers to menaquinone’s ability to dissolve in dietary fat, thus enhancing its absorption when taken with food. You will double your meals’ nutritious potential if high in good fats, like olive oil.

What Precautions Should You Take While Supplementing With Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K2 does not seem to induce notable side effects in healthy adults, and it has not been possible to determine an established limit for this substance. However, experts advise caution when using this supplement, not exceeding the RDA and using the lowest effective dosage whenever possible.

However, concomitant use of anticoagulants is the main contraindication of vitamin K2 supplements. Like vitamin K1, Menaquinone can inactivate drugs such as warfarin, increasing the risk of thrombotic processes. The following medications can also lead to harmful interactions:

  • Orlistat (weight loss medicine)
  • Colesevelam (medicine for hyperlipidemia)
  • Other vitamin K antagonists, such as acenocoumarol

Are There Any Known Side Effects?

Vitamin K compounds produced by microorganisms and plants are not harmful to healthy humans, even in high doses. Apart from some seldom reported allergic hypersensitivity reactions, there are no documented symptoms of overdoses.

To Sum Up 

Finally, remember that physiology is extremely fragile in persons who suffer from chronic illnesses, pregnant or lactating mothers, and those less than eighteen years of age. All types of supplementation must be approved and individualized by a health professional for these persons.

When buying a vitamin K2 supplement, it would be essential to pay attention to the dietary needs, the vitamin’s molecular variant, administration format, expiration date, and value for money.