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How to choose the PS5 console?

Sony’s next-generation console is the PS5 (or PlayStation 5), which will be released on selected markets as of November 12 2020. There isn’t anything else to figure out about PS5, which is nice because you can now start planning which models you’re going to buy, which games you’ll pick up first and what upgrades you need.

The PS5 console’s specs

PlayStation 5 of Sony aims to be an absolute gaming powerhouse. We are confident that Sony will ruin Microsoft in the next console battle. There is simply no denying that. Despite the American tech-giant targeting for places separate from Sony, the hearts and minds of console players are always in close rivalry with each other everywhere and Sony has the upper hand in this respect.

When is Sony going to release PS5?

Sony has publicly announced that the release of PS5 is on November 12 for the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico and South Korea, and on November 19 the planet will have the PlayStation 5 to be released a week before the Xbox Series X will be released on November 19. Sony will be put in direct competition.

The design of PS5

On June 11 2020, the architecture of PS5 was formally announced.

When the console unveiled itself, Sony nailed it, which was revealed by the PS5 games with some surprises. Not one, only two PlayStation 5 consoles will arrive – the 4 K Blu-ray disc drive norm and the PS5 Digital Version slimmer and disc-free.

Both of these use USB-C charge for their controllers, and along with the new wireless headset and a media remote, they will use the device for an HD camera. They have a striking style which will break opinion—the consoles themselves. The PS5 console’s specs are thrilling.

Media Physics

The PlayStation 5 is available with a disc drive, and one is without so that you can determine whether the set is essential for your physical devices. You can already stream and play PS4 games remotely if you have PS4 games on your console, so you don’t need a disc version to use the back-comp feature of PS5. However, you’ll still be able to play this through your PS5 disc drive if you have a big PS4 library, so you don’t have to think about that. PSVR games will furthermore be PS5 compliant.

Using the SSD

The SSD is fundamental to the enjoyment of PlayStation 5. Internal capacity for a custom SSD at 825 GB is to be installed – less than in the Xbox series, but with the hardware being applied as cleverly.

Not only can SSDs load more efficiently, but they potentially allow more expansive open worlds. Because of constraints on mechanical hard drives, developers do not need to play with smaller environments, though SSDs can also make machine memory more potent.

There is greater bandwidth for SSDs, so that data from SSD can be loaded as required, rather than loading heaps of potentially redundant data into RAM. In pure gaming terms, this means games have less of a pop-in texture, while by using the fast-travel option, load times are tremendously reduced. In general, booting from standby can also be much quicker.


As we said, on-Disc and via the PlayStation Store the PS5 would be wholly compatible with PS4 titles. Sadly, the PS5 support for the classic Sony console lineup appears baseless at an early point. Unfortunately, unless you have PS2 Classics on the store or play PS3 game through the PlayStation Now streaming, you will not be able to play the other PS library on your PS5. However, the PS4 PlayStation VR games are playable entirely on PS5.