How to Choose WordPress Hosting for Beginner

WordPress hosting is a service created specifically to optimize the WordPress CMS platform, so users can use WordPress safely and comfortably. WordPress hosting is used to handle a number of technical issues related to WordPress use ranging from helping loading speed, overcoming problems related to resource limits and most importantly helping in overcoming a virus or malware attack. Using WordPress hosting will certainly help your website to be more productive, stay safe and can be used optimally. If you run a business with WordPress, you will be increasingly facilitated with WordPress hosting which makes it easy for you to change your domain name, determine themes and websites that are easy to access. There are many providers that provide WordPress hosting with various features provided per package. However, choosing WordPress hosting will be a bit more difficult. WordPress hosting plans must be completed and chosen by considering several aspects to really get the appropriate WordPress hosting. Here are some considerations that you can apply in choosing WordPress hosting.

1. Check Prices

Price is the first consideration for everyone to buy WordPress hosting. In addition, it is important for you to know the features needed on your website. Actually there are many WordPress hosting packages with various services offered that you can choose from. The price offered is comparable to the services provided. So that, the more complete the services provided, the more expensive WordPress hosting will be. Therefore, knowing the features needed by your website is very useful for choosing the package you need. Basically you can also use free WordPress hosting, but free hosting has many limitations that make website performance less than optimal. For that, it is necessary to search for a lot of information before choosing WordPress hosting for your website and you can also compare prices and services that you want to use from several providers.

2. Determine the Type of Hosting

Knowing the types of hosting will make it easier for you to determine WordPress hosting that is suitable for your website. Each type of hosting must have different advantages. The better the type of hosting provided, the more expensive the price offered. The type of hosting is usually adjusted to the type of your website. There are several types of hosting, such as Shared hosting that is suitable for those of you who are starting to create a blog. Shared hosting provides great features for building new blogs. Moreover, for some businesses that have quite high traffic like those of large scale companies, they will need a large capacity. Using Managed WordPress Hosting is the right choice. The most important thing is that the higher the traffic or website that is visited a lot, the type of hosting used must have high quality.

3. Look for trusted web hosting

In choosing WordPress hosting plan, you need to look for web hosting that has a good reputation. Low prices with attractive features cannot be guaranteed that the web hosting can be trusted. You must remain vigilant with frauds that are based on selling WordPress hosting. Furthermore, you can do some research on Google and search for some trusted sites. You can also find out the reputation of web hosting via reviews provided by customers on several trusted sites or forums. Review from customers who have used web hosting can be used as a guide to determine the reputation of web hosting. However, you also need to remember to be selective in seeing reviews. Choose a trusted site or forum that is objective in providing reviews.

4. Refund policy

It is important for you to be aware of the refund policies offered by web hosting or providers. This money policy applies if the customer is not satisfied with the services provided by web hosting. Web hosting will return some money to customers who are not satisfied with the services provided. Basically every web hosting already has a policy to return some money to consumers, but the money returned is not in the full amount. You also need to know the terms of your refund. Each web hosting has different conditions for refunding money. So, you have to understand how much money you might receive from web hosting when there is a service that is not as promised.

5. Customer Service

Quality web hosting must have customer service that is ready to serve customers within 24 hours. The existence of this customer service is important considering that you might need to adapt to the WordPress hosting that you have purchased. Maybe you will find problems in the operation or a problem that can not be explained. Therefore, the existence of customer service can be used as a place to ask and help you to find the right solution. Usually the customer service is trained to provide an explanation or can help solve your problem related to hosting operations. The existence of customer service is an important consideration in choosing WordPress hosting plans.