How to Choose your Best Hot Desk Booking Software?

Modern workplaces have a new issue to contend with! The point of managing huge, multi-story corporate complexes or office blocks! And Hot Desk Booking through a visitor management system provides an attractive solution to this problem.

Because of the pandemic, your organization may have some workstations that are underutilized. And those empty desks are there every day. You’ll have to pay the bill at the end of the day. But if you have a visitor management system with hot desk booking, you are on the right path to solve this issue.


Hot desks may be reserved either in advance or upon arrival using a desk reservation tool. Hot desk booking is a reality if you put the proper framework in place. Every kind of workstation layout is made more accessible with it.

It’s something more significant than the guest register. It requires more than what is needed to keep track of visitors or enter names into a computerized floor plan.

It doesn’t matter how many locations your firm has. A visitor management system with a hot desk booking lets you and your workers manage the workplace. It’s easy to find people no matter where you are in the building.

Moreover, you may analyze utilization trends to discover the exact number of available workstations. It’s also easy to find out if they aren’t being used appropriately.


Desk booking software is essential whether you have hot desks, open workstations, or agile workplaces. Control, monitoring, and information that it gives. This software lets you better manage the available space. You’ll have an overall picture of your workplace. It thus allows you to adapt quickly and make adjustments. Consequently, keeping track of who has reserved a desk and how long becomes easier.


To get the best visitor management system, your hot desk booking software should have a few essential features listed below:

A range of scheduling choices: Your best hot desk booking software should help you manage a timetable and reserve the materials you need to do your job. A robust reservation system gives more visibility and access to what’s available in terms of specialized workstations, neighborhoods, or offices.

Pre-trip preparations like finding a parking spot, selecting a workstation close to colleagues, scheduling a conference room, purchasing amenities, and checking out specialty equipment get easier.

Updated Floor layouts for hot desk booking: Your best hot desk booking software should provide a view from above in real-time. An accurate map of the layout of the workstations floor plan is essential for locating vacant places/desks.

It makes it easier for you to respond to the present need for space. You can conveniently make alterations depending on a look at where your assets are presently going.

Cancellations of hot desk booking that don’t show up: You want your hot desk booking system to be able to recover a booked spot if no one shows up to utilize it. Even an hour of a new desk matters to you in terms of dollars. Canceling missed bookings can help you better use your space.

A Reservation App for Visitors and Employees: A hot desk booking software aided by an app makes it possible to make reservations through their cell phones. To make it easier for your workers to plan time with you, you should provide them with a reservation app.

Analytics and reporting in the workplace: As a business owner, you need to know how your reservable spaces have been utilized in the past and how you can use that information to predict future demand correctly.

One of your conference rooms may constantly be in use, while the others are seldom if ever used. Some people like working in a neighborhood, while others prefer to work from their homes. You can make better selections about utilizing your space and square footage if you know current trends.

It should compile reservation data into a single, easy-to-to-understand report.

Planned layouts for hot desk booking: The utilization of digital floor plans is a must for hot desk booking to work. Desk booking software should be able to show a digital map of your workspaces so that you know precisely what’s available.

Desk reservation software should be able to display it all. A computerized record-keeping system is used to keep track of the variables of hot desk booking setup. You may more quickly allocate desks, see who’s sitting at them, contact them, and check how many spaces you have left using this system.


To be successful, you must integrate hot desk booking software. No best hot desk booking software is complete without the ability to connect to other applications and devices in your ecosystem. Hot Desk booking software that delivers accurate use statistics and trends is valuable for businesses.

Booking platforms collect data about desk assignments, allowing them to provide insight into things like occupancy and use. Lobbytrack is a one-stop solution for co-working spaces.

There will be no more unintentional double-ups or empty desks with a hot desk booking system. The result is a happier and more productive workplace.