How to Clean a Pizzelle Maker

Pizzelles are crunchy Italian cookie treats that are made from little waffle-like irons. Pizzle makers come in different varieties. Some of those are stove-top irons which are similar to the original cast-iron pizzle makers. Each of these irons is similar in its use and care, though they’re cleaned somewhat differently and people are still using these for their own reasons even when they are very difficult to use.

There are also electric irons available which are very similar to modern waffle irons. You can buy both non-stick and normal electric irons. But professionals still prefer regular iron instead of nonstick iron, because it makes the cookies crispier and crunchier, and it is always good to use regular irons for the preparation of cookies.

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Whatever Pizzelle maker you are using it is always good to keep it clean in order to make it last longer. So, if you are facing some issues while cleaning your Pizzelle makers, then follow these simple tips and tricks which might be very helpful for you;

Tips for Cleaning Regular Surface Pizzelle Maker

1)- So before starting the cooking season your pizzelle maker by rubbing a little shortening on the irons after it is hot. Always prefer using paper towels or a pastry brush to apply the shortening. This will keep the cookies from sticking in the crevices in the irons and if you are using a new pizzelle maker then you need to apply shortening before each batch to prevent cookies from sticking.

2)- After you finished cooking, remove any batter or crumbs with the steel brush. Dig the pieces out of the crevice using a knife, fork or any sharp object like a toothpick.

3)- Wipe away any excess cooking oil stick to the surface with tissue papers

4)- Once your Pizzelle maker got dry, store it with tissue paper folded between the irons.

Tips for Cleaning Non-Stick Pizzelle  Maker

1)- Spray little cooking oil on the surface of the non-stick Pizzelle maker. You can use cooking oil like Pam for spray

2)- Wipe the surface of the Pizzelle maker if you find any bits of dough and batter stick to the surface of the Pizzelle maker

3)- When you are finished cooking, just wipe away any excess cooking oil stick to the surface with tissue papers and also avoid using any type of knife to remove cookies. Use only nonmetal implements for cleaning

4)- Once your Pizzelle maker got dry, store it with tissue paper folded between the irons.

Cleaning Tips for a Traditional Pizzelle maker

1) – Traditional Pizzelle makers require extra effort in cleaning like you may notice some rust on the Pizzelle maker, rub it with sandpaper or any clean cotton cloth before cooking.

2)- Now put some oil on the plates and hit for at least 5 minutes to remove extra rust.

3)- After cooking remove batter or crumbs with a steel brush or with a point object like you can use edges of the  knife

4)- Oil the plates before storing them and store them with tissue paper folded between the irons.

Enjoy making your yummy Pizzelles along with these cleaning tips.

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