How to create the best content for getting more likes

Likes are the main tools by which Instagram functions. It shows how much engagement is there on a post and motivates other people to check out your brand. As an influencer, your goal would be to increase engagement on Instagram. For this, you can buy Instagram followers till you generate a more organic audience to give your page a much-needed boost.

The Instagram algorithm works the same everywhere, the more likes you have, the more of a chance for you to get on the explore page. Not to mention, Likes build a form of image for your brand and get people to trust you.

You need to keep making new content, stay with the latest trends and sometimes it just takes a toll on you. Let us help you out in this expedition of yours and give you a few tips to create the best content that will get you more likes:


The old saying of “If you want it, you need to learn how to ask for it,” is very true when it comes to social media. Studies have shown that when people put up call-for-actions on their posts, people are likely to follow through with it. A simple – “Like if you agree” or “Like if this is relatable” builds a good relationship between you and your followers. Another item to use is the hashtag feature. Hashtags are a way of organizing all posts related to a certain topic under one heading. You can make use of this to increase engagement on Instagram, as your audience pool widens with the use of proper hashtags.


This is the go-to method of many influencers out there. Not every handle whose posts you like will like yours in return, but some of them will. It is also a less time-consuming way to build engagement that makes it a favorite of many users on Instagram. It is an easy way to acknowledge your peers and also to get noticed by other people. By doing this, the algorithm also thinks that you are “close” to someone and can put you on the explore page of Instagram. Don’t be a fly on the wall, go and interact to be noticed to up your game.


Instagram started with images, making it one of the top priorities you should have for your brand. A wonderful picture drives people to like your post, right? By making creative content, you can see an increase in engagement on Instagram. The aesthetic is the way to go for it. Aesthetic content doesn’t necessarily mean dim fairy lights or pastel colors, it is a fixed theme you follow for your Instagram page that resonates with your audience. You can add filters or use photo editing apps to make a picture more appealing to your followers to gain more Instagram likes. You can create custom filters to suit your page for a fixed theme.


Contests are another good and easy way to increase engagement on Instagram. You can post a tag-and-share on a story contest and people will take part in it especially if the prize is good. If you notice that your engagement is slowing down contests and giveaways are a good way to up the ante to generate more interest for your page. Make sure the prize is something related to your field that will be needed by your followers and you have got yourself a great post. It is also a good way to keep the engagement when you lack ideas for good content. Like-and-tag contests are also a good way to increase comments and likes at the same time with the relevant audience.


One of the most essential factors which drive engagement that people forget is timing. Unless you get the timing right, your post can be easily lost in the sea of other posts regardless of how great the content was. Studies have shown that Wednesdays and Fridays around 11 am are the best times for Instagram posts to work. It hits the sweet spot of those mid-week blues and the upcoming weekend vibe. Sundays are slow as people tend to give social media a break. You can also track the likes on your posts to get a clue about the time when your followers are most active.


Take full advantage of these tips to increase engagement on Instagram. Instagram is a popularity contest and the cycle keeps moving fast. For you to make your name on it, you need to be vigilant and make the most of all the opportunities that come your way. Good planning will help you in the long way to stay ahead.

An organized Instagram page appeals to all, it shows that you consider it an important part of your life and take the time to plan for it. Keep your following happy to expand your reach and grow your business. Don’t appear to be a salesperson, make it appear like you are providing something of value to them.

Instagram is where the people are flocking right now. It is a great tool of marketing for both small businesses and large enterprises. By making use of all the tips we have given, you can start your journey to being an Insta-celeb instantly!