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How To Create Your Own Virtual Background for Client Calls

Whether your team works remotely or you’re all under-roof, virtual meetings are here to stay. That means that if you haven’t already developed a customized digital backdrop for your conferencing, it’s time to dive in.

Here’s everything you need to know about creating your company’s virtual background for use on client calls.

Works With All Meeting Platforms

Perhaps the most important factor when designing a custom office background is ensuring it will work with your company’s meeting platform.

The top interfaces like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams all have different display parameters and requirements, so it’s not one-size-fits-all when it comes to picking your backdrop.

If that all sounds a little too technical to you, your best option is to develop your background with the help of a service that specializes in virtual meeting enhancement. That way you’re sure to create a backdrop that will work with the platform your company uses, ensuring that a high-quality, stable image is shown to everyone your staff interacts with.

Determine Your Style

When you’re ready to dive into your options for creating your backdrop, you may be overwhelmed. With so much out there, how do you choose the right background, or suite of options, for your company?

Before customizing your project, consider the image you want to convey to your clients. Will a conference room setting be the right choice to protect your team’s polished professionalism, or do you want to highlight casual collaboration with more relaxed and motivational imagery?

For many businesses, going with a broad commercial package of options is the right choice, as it provides the flexibility to adapt your image from meeting to meeting for optimal results.

Regardless of the vibe you favor, designing your office background with logo inclusion is a must. After all, virtual meetings are an excellent opportunity to build brand exposure at very little cost.

Getting your logo in front of more eyes by featuring it as part of your remote meeting backdrop is a marketing no-brainer.

Share With Your Team

Once you’ve designed your ideal virtual background, it’s important for everyone on your team to implement it. With each staff member displaying your backdrop in client meetings, your brand recognition, professionalism, and uniformity will all come across to everyone you engage with.

Ensuring that your background is easy to download while remaining secure is critical, giving you another reason to work with a trusted enhancement tools developer. Use a company that provides simple activation that you control access to so you can safely share your new backdrop as soon as it’s ready.

Now that you’ve gotten some ideas about what to consider when creating a virtual background for client calls, it’s time to begin. Start by visiting the website of a trusted remote meeting tool developer and browsing through free Microsoft Teams backgrounds to get a feel for your options.

Then with just a few clicks, you’ll have your very own licensed, custom virtual backdrops ready to use on your next client conference call.


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