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How to Delete Multiple Amazon Accounts

I’m Done!

Sooner or later, you can come across such problems like lack of sales or other unsolvable problems within your Amazon business. And it is your choice to continue to combat the problems or just back off and call it a day. If you decide to do away with your Amazon business, keep in mind that there are several actions that you have to take in order to do everything by the book. You can implement these for all of your Amazon accounts, provided that you are running multiple ones.


Prior to deleting your Amazon account, you have to implement the following actions:

  • Make sure that there are no unfulfilled orders
  • You should wait 90 days until your A-Z claim period ends
  • You have to ensure that your account balance is zero
  • Complete all the valid transactions
  • You have to ensure that you provided Amazon with your bank account’s detailed information in order to receive your payments
  • Before deleting your Amazon account, try to ensure that there is no inventory left

After implementing all the above-mentioned steps, you have to go through the Contact Us page, select the Close Your Account tab, and submit your request.

If there will be issues, you will be informed via your email address.

Rinse and repeat for all of your Amazon multiple accounts!

So What Now?

Now that your seller account has been deleted, you can no longer sell inventory. Since by deleting your Amazon account, your listings will also be automatically removed. You cannot process both returns and refunds since your account history will be deleted. After deleting your Amazon account, you will not have access to your credit balance anymore.

Negative Sides

Keep in mind that by deleting your Amazon account, you cannot reactivate it in the future. Even worse, you will not be able to use the same information for opening a new seller account. Therefore we advise you do not make any rash decisions in the hit of a moment and consider the following alternative instead:

You can put your account on Vacation Mode instead of deleting it. It will help you deactivate your listings for an indefinite period of time and shield your account from negative feedback which may lead to Amazon suspensions. And you can reactivate your account again whenever you want. Even more, if you are an FBA seller, your listings will continue to sell and generate income until you put your account on vacation mode again!


Deleting your Amazon account is a serious decision, and you have to think twice before implementing any actions. Keep in mind that if you decide to start your Amazon business again, you might face some issues down the line.

We do not know the exact reason for why you decided to delete your seller account, but if you have any issues with your Amazon account such as suspensions, then our advice at Got Suspended Clients is simple: do not rush to close the doors of Amazon. Our appeal reinstatement service is ready to help you with any issue in your Amazon business and reinstate your seller account if it’s suspended. Feel free to reach out to us, and we might just convince you not to delete your account!