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How to Design Custom T-shirts Online?

There can be numerous reasons for creating custom t-shirts. It could be for an event, for employees of a company, to give your loved ones, wear yourself, for a cause, and much more. There are many ways of designing a t-shirt on your own. One of the best ways is to design with an online t-shirt maker like Designhill.

This AI-powered t-shirt maker helps you customize and create your own unique and personalized design on your desktop. All you have to do is, follow 5 simple steps. These 5 steps of custom t0shirt designing are given below-

Step 1. Select the T-shirt Style

This step requires you to choose the t-shirt that you like. There are a variety of t-shirt styles available for both men and women. These varieties include round necked t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, muscle tanks for men, hoodies, ringer t-shirt, jersey tank tops, ¾ sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirts.

The type of custom clothes that you choose is solely your choice. If a t-shirt look feels good to your heart just customize and purchase it without any second thought.

Step 2. Choose Colours and Size

Now, when you are done choosing the perfect t-shirt style, choose a colour. You can choose one solid colour for a t-shirt. These styles look bold and attractive and give great vibes.

You can also create custom t-shirts with a variety of combinations of colours. Choose colours that compliment each other. AI-powered tools help you choose the best coloured combinations. If you choose colours that clash with each other then your custom clothing can look unappealing and it would be disastrous. So, if you doubt your designing skills a little, t-shirt makers like Designhill are ready to save you.

Also, these colours are responsible for triggering certain emotions subconsciously. Along with what colour suits you the best, keep in mind what you wish to convey. If you are designing t-shirts for your brand, this step should not be taken lightly. Choose colours that match your logo design colour palette. Plus, they should correctly represent the values and mission of the brand.

Coming to the second part of this step, choose the correct size for your body type.

Step 3. Add Icons, Graphics and Text

This step includes designing your t-shirt as you like. Customize it using colours, text, artwork or even use images to create a perfect design.

There is a huge library of templates available on the t-shirt maker which you have access to. You can either create your own design or select templates you find attractive and interesting.

You can even use icons available in the design library for your t-shirt. Also, you have numerous graphics to choose from. You can select graphics and then customize them according to your choice. You can edit the graphics. Rotate them, resize them and align according to what suits you best.

After this, you add more to your t-shirt by adding text to it. It could be the company’s name, event, cause that you are working for, or basically anything. You can use the fonts available in the tool and even upload them of your choice.

The coolest part is that you can even add your own signature on your t-shirt giving it a beautiful personal touch.

Step 4. Upload Artwork or Image

Not only just text and colours, but you can also add images to your t-shirt. Use high-quality images so that you can increase the size of the image without losing the quality of the image. Otherwise, when you scale your image of bad quality then it will break and get blurred also. The design that you choose should be of 150 DPI at the actual size.

You can check the quality of your image or design with the help of a DPI tool available in the edit panel.

You can also upload the logo of your company for branding purposes. A perfect promotional product can be created by this method.

If using a logo, you should have a look at the colour of the t-shirt first. The logo design of your brand should be clearly visible and should look more attractive. Create such a contrast of colours that your logo pops out.

Usage of similar colours in the logo as well on t-shirts might look unpleasant and ordinary.

Step 5. Add to Cart and Place Order

In this step, first, choose the number of t-shirts that you would like to order. Have a look on your design and see if it needs any finishing touches.

If you are satisfied with your design then add it to the cart.

Fill in the necessary details that are required for an order to be printed and delivered.

Once you place the order, your personalized custom t-shirt will start getting printed and will be delivered to your doorstep.

Full authority

The designs that you create using this t-shirt maker are fully yours. You have full authority over the design and no one else in this world can use it. You have full copyright over the design that you create.

However, if you like, you can sell your artwork on Designhill too.

Designing t-shirts for Branding

For branding, t-shirts are probably the best choice. These keep your brand identity intact and spread the word around about your business. It does an advertisement for your company. T-shirts that are brand-personalized catch the attention of viewers and have a positive impact on their minds.

Online t-shirt maker of Designhill uses artificial intelligence to create unique and stunning designs for your brand. You can add logos, icons or images of your choice. Plus, you can freely use your brand’s colour palette for designing t-shirts.


Designing t-shirts and giving them your own personal touch is just a piece of cake when it comes to Designhill. Create beautiful and attractive designs with this t-shirt maker that stands out.