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How To Do Fingerboarding – A Complete Guide

Fingerboarding is a fun sport that lets you ride a miniature skateboard with your fingers. Unlike skateboarding, where you need to go out or look for a skate park, you can practice fingerboard whenever or wherever you want.

With this pocket-sized miniature board, you can show off your skating skills anytime. If you are new to fingerboarding, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know how to ride a fingerboard.

Buy A Quality Fingerboard

First and foremost, you need to buy a fingerboard that feels comfortable on your hand. Just like skateboards, fingerboards are available in many different sizes. Look around for a professional fingerboard.

Roll the fingerboard back and forth to determine how the wheels handle. Push it back, front, and both sides. If it feels comfortable to your hands, this means the fingerboard is right for you.

Nowadays, you can also buy a custom fingerboard or customize your fingerboard.

Master Your Fingerboard Basics

Now that you have fingerboards, the next step is to master your basics. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind-

Finger Positioning – When it comes to fingerboarding, finger positioning is very important. Place the index finger in the center and the middle finger on the back of the board. The index finger controls the board, and the middle finger is pressed down to push the board up.

Make sure that your fingers are in a comfortable position. Of course, you can make changes in finger positions as per your comfort.

Turn The Board – Move the fingerboard forward with fingers, and press down on the back with the middle finger, so the front wheels are lifted into the air. You can make the board turn in whatever direction you want by twisting your fingers.

Lift The Board’s Front While Moving It Forward – Press the fingerboard’s rear with the middle finger to lift the front and keep it going forward while pressing down the rear. When you want to land the trick, you can press down with your index finger.

Learn To Perform An Ollie – Place the middle finger on the rear and finger on the center. Then, push the central finger down to lift the front wheels. Press hard on the rear in a swift motion while keeping the board balanced with the middle finger.

Though ollies are easier to do with momentum, practice it without moving the board.

Do A Heelflip – Place your middle finger on the rear and index finger behind the bend at the front. Curl the index finger to flick the nose away; this way, your board will rotate sideways. Then, catch the board, and land your trick.

You can perform this trick easily if the fingerboard is angled towards you before launching it into the air.

Learn How To Grind – Do an ollie, catch, and land the board. You can also use a customized fingerboard rail or a table edge. Press the board from both fingers on each side of a board to keep it balanced.

Then, move it forward to the rail’s end. Before you attempt an ollie, find your balance by placing the board directly on the rail. You can find this balance easily if your hands or fingers are flat and parallel to the fingerboard top.

These are some of the tricks to do fingerboarding. It takes time to master finger skateboarding; so, don’t give up on any trick. Eventually, you will perfect your skills and never miss them again.

Remember, all fingerboard moves need to be done in a smooth motion. You will find these tricks easier to do when you combine all the tricks in one motion.