How To Dye Blonde Hair: 5 Tips Of Hair Solution

Blonde never goes out of fashion. It is still the color of choice for most women around the world. The color signifies regality and class for people that enjoy dying their hair blonde. But what about people that don’t feel the same way and are naturally blonde? Everyone likes change and so do people with naturally blonde hair. If you’re already a blonde, you can die your hair in just about any color and The News and Views came up with a few solutions for you. Suggested below are a few colors that just might suit you:

  1. A dull auburn
  2. Violet
  3. Rose gold with darker roots
  4. A subtle brunette
  5. Ice silver
  6. A blonde ombre
  7. Bronde

You can go to a salon if you are looking for super high-end results, but if you are tight on a budget, you can check out these 5 tips to dye your hair at home:

  • Look at the chart, not the model

If you are out buying a box dye, your best guide is the color chart on the box that lets you know what end result you can expect from the dye. The model on the box is just that, a model. The developers in box dyes are super strong and that tends to yield lighter results of the color than what the model is displaying. So, always use the chart.

  • Know your limits when going lighter

You want to achieve the same look throughout your hair and that isn’t possible when you decide to go lighter immediately. The best thing is to go light slowly and over a period of a few months. You also want to avoid the mistake of hot roots which means that when you do a root touch up, the roots can end up looking warmer and darker than the rest of the hair and no one wants that.

  • Avoid the band with a comb

Let’s say you have already colored your hair before and are applying a new color. When you do this, a band of dark color forms where the old colored hair meets the new virgin hair, and that looks bad. You can totally avoid this by simply applying color on top and then feathering it down slowly with a fine-tooth comb. This will ensure a good distribution of color.

  • Take care of the timing

This one is super important and we will take our time explaining it to hammer the message home:

Timing is the most important thing when you are dying your hair at home. Good timing will ensure uniform and well-distributed color in your hair.


Your hair grows from the roots so that means these are the baby and fresh hair. This is why the roots need the most time to absorb and take on the color than any other part of your hair length

Mid lengths:

Now, this is relatively older hair with a more porous structure and definitely more exposure to the sun, hair color, and pollution. This means that this hair has the ability to adapt to color rather quickly as compared to your roots

Ends/ Tips:

These will be most receptive to the color as they’re the most porous hair of your length. These will take the least amount of time to absorb the color.

  • Use professional tools

This one is for the girls that have dyed their hair blonde and are now looking to get another color. A box dye alone will not be enough to give you even color. You will end up getting an uneven color and hot roots that look darker than the rest of your hair. You should think about investing in a spooley at this point for an even dispersion of color.

If you have highlighted hair then you need to be using a comb to slowly feather color at the bottom to smoothen out the harsh lines.

A new and well-done color can make your blonde hair into a whole new style statement for you. Because the color blonde is so light, you just have to be super careful with the tools and the dye you use. It’s important to go slow with the change rather than aiming for a drastic color change in one go. If you are unsure of doing this at home then The News and Views suggest you to invest in an appointment with a professional hair colorist.