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How to Ease Neck Pain at Home: 6 Tips

Suffering from neck pain can be quite disruptive to your daily life. Even the most basic tasks of the day may seem almost impossible to accomplish. A few reasons for neck pain are poor posture, osteoarthritis, muscle tension, compressed nerve, or muscle strain.

There are various treatments for neck pain and visiting a professional massage therapist is one of them. However, it can be quite heavy on your wallet.

Hence, a one-off investment in a massage machine will be your best bet. Take the shiatsu neck & back massager pillow as an example, it imitates the movements of a real masseuse using innovative technology for added relief in different parts of your body.

In addition to this, there are six effective tips for you in this article to ease your neck pain quickly right in the comfort of your home.

Tip #1: Maintain a Good Posture

Most neck pain issues arise from poor posture. With the prevalence of electronic devices, we are glued to our laptops, tablets, or smartphones most of the day without paying attention to our posture.

Whether you work from home or work in an office, you shouldn’t be sitting at your desk in a hunched posture. Make sure your computer screen is even at your eye level. Invest in an ergonomic chair and other equipment accordingly.

Whenever you’re using your phone or tablet, remind yourself of your posture and hold the device in alignment with your eye level. Don’t forget to move your neck in between usage.

Tip #2: Apply a Cold Compress

Using a cold compress or ice pack can help you in reducing the blood flow in your neck. This, in return, reduces inflammation and pain.

Don’t use ice directly on your neck. Make sure to wrap it in a cloth before putting it on your neck. Do this technique for around 20 minutes multiple times a day, and you will notice your strained neck muscles getting better.

Tip #3: De-Stress Yourself

Do you know that extreme stress and anxiety can also cause your muscles to contract and cause severe neck pain? If this is the reason behind your neck pain, you should try to de-stress yourself.

Try meditation or breathing techniques to stay mindful and manage your anxiety in a better way. You should also make a habit to journal every day, as jotting down your thoughts allows you to evaluate yourself better and helps with a heavy heart.

Try going out for a walk in nature to boost your feel-good levels of hormones, or you can also always move your body at homes, such as yoga or Zumba.

Tip #4: Gently Stretch Your Stiff Neck Muscles

Stretching is another great way to relax your stiff neck muscles at home. However, you must ensure that your movements are super gentle, otherwise, it can exacerbate your condition.

Slowly moving your head from one side to another, rotating your shoulders forward and then backward, and even pressing your shoulders against your body and slowly releasing them in their natural position are some of the best stretching movements for your neck pain.

Tip #5: Take a Warm Bath

Take a warm bath every day and add Epsom salt to your bath as well. Epsom salt contains traces of magnesium, which is ideal for minimizing pain and inflammation, as it is like a natural muscle relaxant.

Whereas, warm water will help you in soothing your strained neck muscles. Make sure to dip your neck as well and enjoy your bath. This can also be the time when you de-stress yourself and try relaxation techniques.

Tip #6: Massage Your Neck With Essential Oils

Chamomile, lavender, and peppermint oils are some of the best essential oils to relieve neck pain as they come with relaxing properties. You should mix them with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut to safely apply it to your skin (neck).

Use gentle circular motions on your neck regularly, and you will quickly start noticing a difference right in the comfort of your home.