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How to Explore the Best Fishing excursions in Costa Rica?

It won’t be wrong to say Costa Rica is a dream destination for many who wish to experience world-class sportfishing. This tiny country has risen in ranks to be one of the top destinations for fishing. Costa Rica has so much fishing opportunities to offer that you can’t miss.

Here is what you may experience when you are fishing with the best Jaco Costa Rica fishing charters:


Rainbow bass or Guapote is found in plenty in Lake Arenal. You can even find machaca, a relative of the South American piranha here. In fact, this breed can be quite acrobatic when hooked. These species are even found in the lagoons and rivers in Los Chiles and along the Caribbean seaboard. Also, snook, and tarpon also venture out into the deep freshwaters of Costa Rica. You can even check out the other cichlads. Known as morjarra, they are often found deep in the jungles and are good for light fun. High mountains divide Cartago from the Pacific coast.

What Will You Catch in Freshwater?

Known as the Cerro de la Muerte, this region is home to wild rainbow trout. San Gerardo de Dota is another popular area in this region that is great for birdwatching. However, remember that fishing is prohibited in the National Park area. So, you may have to double-check your location and ensure that it is well off the park limits. The Pan American Highway runs through the Cerro de la Muerte and makes a great spot for trout hatcheries. All these hatcheries can be fished, and you will be charged by the weight.


The Caribbean of Costa Rica is popular for snook and tarpon. You can witness vast schools of tarpon along the river mouth. In fact, this formation will cover several acres. This is an excellent place for fishing since you can pull on big fishes all day. Fishing, in Costa Rica, is done using sardines on circle hooks or lures. Inside the river mouths, fishing is almost entirely done using artificial lures. Snook can also be taken in the lagoons, rivers, or beaches.

The Caribbean side has four species of snook. The calva or fat snook season starts in December and offers you a chance to capture many of these snook on light tackle. The fat snook is a smaller species that weight between 5 to 8 pounds. The monsters, for which Costa Rica is famous, are generally taken off the beach at the river mouth. You may not find many fishes very often, but you do have a chance of encountering a once-in-a-lifetime 35-pound fish.

Best Time for Saltwater Fishing

The region from Parismina area north to Barra del Colorado in the northern Caribbean coast is considered to be the best spot for tarpon fishing. Fortunately, the tarpons in this area do not often migrate, and hence, fishing can be done throughout the year. However, you need to consider the Caribbean weather and your ability to get out of the river mouths.

Based on these, there are certain months that are better to visit than others. Mid-February to Mid- May and September and October months are the best time to fish here. This season offers a chance of great weather and access to the prime fishing seasons. In fact, September and October are considered to be the absolute best season of the year.

The Pacific side of Costa Rica boasts of two fishing seasons. The southern and central regions are most productive during November through April. The northern regions, on the other hand, are best during May through December. The Pacific side has witnessed an upsurge in the sailfish population in the last few years. Consider taking up Jaco Costa Rica fishing charters, which will give you a good tour of the current aquatic abundance of the country.

What Will You Catch in Saltwater?

Dolphinfish or Dorado population is also seen migrating through this region. Dorado is a beautiful fighting fish you would not want to miss. The marlin, wahoo, and tuna are also found in the blue waters. The best fishing charters can reward you with a phenomenal catch of marlin around the human-made eco-systems as well. The pacific coast offers black, blue, and striped marlin population. In fact, you can’t see a grander catch of over 1000 lbs marlin anywhere else in Costa Rica.

Roosterfish is like the Holy Grail for inshore fishing on the Pacific Coast. They can be found all throughout the year, unlike other regions. These fishes weigh 10-15 lbs on average. But 50 lbs roosterfishes are also common. A large variety of grouper, jacks, snappers, and African pompano are also found inshore. You can see Dorado and wahoo when the waters are clear. You can take the jacks, Roosters, and snapper by casting from the beach.

With so many options, Costa Rica offers a unique fishing experience to everybody. So, if you have the urge for trying out something new or want to enjoy a world-class fishing experience, then Costa Rica is the place you must be!

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