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How to find a great orthodontist in San Francisco (and in US in general)

How to find a great orthodontist in San Francisco (and in US in general)

Thinking of fixing your teeth? In some parts of the United States, especially in San Francisco, the cost of orthodontic care can be between $5,000 and $10,000. The cost of treatment varies depending on many factors, including the type of orthodontic care you need, the condition of your teeth, the severity of your condition, and the area where you live.

Traditional bracket braces are usually the cheapest option, while porcelain and clear materials appliances or retainers could cost much more. Remember that you should consider that with orthodontics you will often have to pay for X-rays and extractions before your treatment, in addition to your treatment plan. It’s also best to have your normal hygiene and cleaning with your family dentist before starting your treatment. If you get Invisalign or lingual braces in San Francisco before the rearrangement of your teeth when large amounts of tartar are present, it’ll be more difficult to have great oral hygiene during your treatment. It’ also can be important to replace old fillings if they are at the end of their life or if the filler is defective or outdated.

If cost is the biggest concern. We would recommend looking into payments plans and financing. If that is still a problem, you may be able to find some San Francisco-based dental schools and universities that offer discounted financial aid for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic students are all qualified dentists who are trained to be orthodontists. In these cases, while the students practice, the treatments are carried out under the watchful eye of a supervisor who is, in all cases, an experienced orthodontist. The American Board of Orthodontics, or ABO recommends viewing the list of accredited orthodontic programs in the United States and Canada. If budget is not the concern, you can Google search Invisalign or go to their website to find the best Invisalign orthodontist in San Francisco.

Check with your state’s insurance department to find out which companies can do business in your area, suggests the ABO. Remember you do not need a referral to see the orthodontist if you are paying out of pocket. If you are using insurance, some insurance providers will have coverage included your plan. However, you may have an insurance plan that does require you to have a referral from your family dentist. Be sure to review your health insurance plan and speak to Human Resources for guidance.

Getting orthodontic care is extremely important. Be sure to speak with man orthodontic offices and negotiate with them. It is possible that they can prepare a payment schedule for your specific case. Most orthodontists offer a variety of payment plans for orthodontic treatments to fit their patients’ budgets. Many payments plans are interest free, which is a great way to spread out the payments and not pay any extra. If in-house financing is not available, some specialists may recommend certain financial companies that handle all kinds of payment plans. Consider that outside companies often charge interest. The American Association of Orthodontists supports patients through Springstone Financial when there is a strong need for help and funding.

You should also stay on top of the reviews, comments and recommendations of orthodontists in your area. Talk to your friends who have already undergone these types of treatments and be sure to do as much research as possible about existing federal support. Having a basic understanding of the big picture will help you a lot when you have the first meeting with your orthodontist.

While cost is always a concern, keep in mind that you normally get what you pay for. You’ll very likely get much better results if you see an orthodontist over a dentist. You typically get what you pay for. So if you have a very complicated case, you should definitely see a top orthodontist. These orthodontist may not go down the path of “normal” treatments and may encourage you to get Incognito Braces or customized clear aligners. You can also use a service like ZocDoc or Connect the Doc to find an orthodontist.

With orthodontics, each case is unique. The preferences and goals of each patient is different too. While everyone will want to have straight, and beautiful teeth, there are other factors to consider. Some of these include comfort, aesthetics, speed of treatment, and cost. While braces may be the most cost effective, they are not the most aesthetic nor the most comfortable. Invisalign or clear aligners will be very aesthetic and comfortable, but they are more expensive and are a bit slower than other forms of orthodontics.

So when you are partaking in your consultations and doing your due diligence, don’t forget to talk about all the different factors that will help you make your decision. The long list includes: cost, financing / payment plans, comfort, aesthetics, speed, practice location, availability, typical wait time, virtual consultations, promotions, family discounts, insurance coverage, and general gut feel of the practice you are working with.