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How to Find the Best Solar Providers

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. Solar energy has never been more affordable for homeowners. In fact, the price of solar energy is half of what it was in 2014.

Cost benefits aren’t the only advantage of solar power. This alternative energy reduces air pollution, cuts down on water waste, and improves long-term health.

Solar providers also influence the experience and cost benefits of solar power. Incorrect solar panel installation can set you back thousands of dollars. Plus, you could pay the price of an uninsured solar contractor.

Avoid the dangers of choosing the wrong solar provider. Follow these tips to discover the right company for your solar needs.

Do You Have Enough Sunlight?

There are many things you can do to prepare for solar power installation.

Remember, solar power energy systems rely on the power of the sun. The less obstruction to sunlight, the better.

Remove any unnecessary trees and structures that prevent sunlight from reaching the panels. This problem isn’t an issue for desert homeowners, but it’s a hassle for homeowners in wooded areas. Also, your neighbor’s trees can obstruct much-needed sunlight.

Solar contractors will point out areas that need to be cleared before installing a complete solar energy system. They also perform thorough solar energy audits to gauge your power, storage, and wiring needs.

Solar Providers Understand the Details

A reputable solar provider will let you know if you need any construction work before the panel installation. That’s why they perform electrical wiring and roof inspections beforehand.

For example, your roof may not be strong enough to withstand the weight of solar panels and units. A trustworthy provider wouldn’t install panels on a damaged roof.

Likewise, they won’t install a new solar energy system if your wiring is not up to par. A complete solar power system includes solar power converters, performance monitoring, tracking, and solar batteries.

Some solar companies may perform repairs or refer you to trusted roofing professionals or technicians.

Experienced, Licensed, and Insured

Don’t take your chances with inexperienced solar providers. Taking your chances on unlicensed and uninsured providers is even worse!

What if a solar panel falls onto your neighbor’s property, causing an accident? If your solar provider isn’t insured, that could put you in financial (and legal) hot water.

Most providers are upfront about being insured and include this information on the company website.

Your provider should have decent experience in solar installation. Ask to see a provider’s body of work before deciding. You should find this information on the website, as well, or on the provider’s social media pages.

How to Search for Solar Providers

Looking for providers has never been easier.

Of course, you can gather word-of-mouth referrals from friends, family, and colleagues. Searching for solar providers near me on Google will yield pages of results, but the first page will have the top choices in your area.

Look around for the best choice, and gather several job quotes to get the most bang for your buck.

Discover the Right Solar Energy Company

Are you ready to see the light?

Start thinking about the benefits of solar power for your home energy needs. Look for experienced solar providers who are honest, licensed, and insured.

Don’t let more lifehacks slip through the hacks. Bookmark our blog to stay updated on the latest tips and tricks for homeowners.


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