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How to Fix Any Pod Vaping System

One of the reasons why pod-based vaping systems are so popular is because of their incredible user-friendliness. Most of the time, you can expect a pod system to work exactly as it’s supposed to – just charge, fill, puff and enjoy. You can buy from a site like Premium Vape Australia with full confidence that, whatever you get, it’s going to work just about perfectly.

No matter how reliable a gadget is, though, things can go wrong with just about any device occasionally. If that device happens to be a pod system – and you’re new to vaping – you may not know what to do. That’s where this article is going to help. You’re about to learn how to diagnose and fix anything that can go wrong with any pod vaping system.

Pod System Not Charging

If your pod system isn’t charging, the first thing you should do is check to make sure that all of the collections are clean. Let’s suppose, for instance, that you’re a JUUL user. On the bottom of the JUUL device are recessed plates that need to touch the JUUL charger’s spring-loaded pins for the device to charge. If the plates or the pins are dirty, the device will charge slowly, will charge unreliably or won’t charge at all. Cotton swabs and toothpicks can both work well for cleaning the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of a pod system.

If your device still isn’t charging – and you’re sure that the connections are clean – you should troubleshoot the charging equipment next. Try a different charging cable or cradle. Try charging your pod system through a different USB port. If none of those ideas work, it’s likely that the pod system itself is the problem and requires replacement.

Pod System Not Hitting

If your pod system isn’t hitting, you can often trace the problem back to the battery and should try charging your device before doing anything else. Follow the steps in the previous section of this article if you’re unable to charge your pod system.

After confirming that your device is charged and that the battery is working, the next thing that you need to do is check the connection between the device and the pod. Since almost all vape pods will leak occasionally, you may find a pool of e-liquid if you remove the pod and look inside your pod system. Use cotton swabs to blot the e-liquid away. You should also check the contact plates on the bottom of the pod and clean them if necessary. Finally, try blowing through the bottom of the device to clear out any e-liquid that may have managed to contaminate the device’s internal electronics.

If your device has a manual button for activation, try pressing the button five times quickly. A vaping device with a manual fire button usually has a locking function, and pressing the fire button five times will unlock the device.

If your pod system still isn’t hitting, it’s possible that the pod has a problem. If the pod doesn’t make a good electrical connection with the device for any reason – may be the pod was manufactured incorrectly and has a short circuit, for instance – the device won’t work. Try a different pod. If your pod system still isn’t hitting, it’s likely that the device itself requires replacement.

Pod System Leaking or Gurgling

A vape pod or tank is an item that’s supposed to hold liquid even though it’s full of holes. Vape manufacturers generally do a great job making their products, but you’re still going to experience leaking with your pod system occasionally. You can do a few things, though, to minimize leaking and keep your device working as reliably as possible.

To understand why a vape pod can leak sometimes, you should consider the pod’s construction. The atomizer coil is in a chamber at the bottom of the pod. Air comes in through the pod’s intake holes. It then travels across the atomizer coil and combines with the vapor produced by the coil before flowing out of the chimney at the top of the pod. The small wick openings on the side of the atomizer coil assembly are the only things that prevent e-liquid from flooding the coil and leaking out of the pod’s intake holes. Anything that forces excess e-liquid to flow through the coil’s wick openings will cause the pod to leak.

These are the three most common reasons why a vape pod leaks or gurgles.

  • You’ve overfilled the pod. You should always leave a little empty space in the pod when you fill it. Otherwise, you’ll push some of the e-liquid out of the pod when you close the stopper.
  • You’re puffing too hard. If you don’t puff gently when using a pod system, the air pressure will cause excess e-liquid to flood the pod’s atomizer coil.
  • You’re squeezing the sides of the pod when holding your device. If the pod deforms at all, the sides of the pod may force e-liquid through the atomizer coil’s wick openings.

The last thing to keep in mind when it comes to preventing your pod system from leaking is that you should always make sure the pod is securely sealed after filling it. If the stopper that closes the pod is warped or torn, it’s time to replace the pod.

Pod System Weak Hits

One of the great things about fixing problems with a pod system is that, when you fix one issue, you’re probably fixing other issues in the process. If you’re getting weak hits from your pod system, for example, you’re likely to fix that problem by ensuring that that device is charging properly, that all electrical connections are good and that excess e-liquid isn’t stuck in the pod’s chimney. If your pod system is still giving you weak hits, try these three tricks.

  • When the pod is empty, remove it from the device and blow firmly through the mouthpiece to clear e-liquid out of the pod’s chimney and improve airflow.
  • Place a finger over one of the pod’s intake holes to increase the air pressure flowing through the pod.
  • Replace the pod. After several refills, the pod’s performance will diminish. Replacing the pod will restore the device’s original performance.

A final thing to check if you’re unhappy with the general satisfaction that you’re getting with your pod system is the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. It might be necessary to use a higher nicotine strength if you’re not satisfied with your experience.

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