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How to get a Poland Business Harbor Visa

Living in a country that has recorded steady economic growth in the last 28 years is a dream come true for many people. This is what Poland, the sixth-largest economy in Europe, is offering.

According to recent statistics from World Bank, the country also boasts of over 86% internet penetration, meaning that online businesses here have the potential to thrive. It’s no wonder why online shopping platforms like Zara and internet gaming platforms such as online casino sites are making a killing in the polish market.

To foster this growth trend, the Ministry of Development and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency are assisting engineers and IT professionals, SMEs, large companies, and startups in the technology sector to relocate seamlessly into Poland through the “Poland. Business Harbor” program.

Additionally, the GovTech Polska in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Startup Hub Poland Foundation, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are also part of this futuristic program.

Benefits of the Poland Business Harbor Visa

Some of the perks you will enjoy after receiving the “Poland. Business Harbor” visa include:

  • IT specialists and engineers: Availability of a list of Polish companies that have job opportunities.
  • Startup businesses: You can apply for one-time financial support to rent apartment spaces, refund travel costs, and other expenses.
  • SMEs will receive legal advisory, assistance in identifying a suitable location for the business and prospective polish partners.
  • Polish schools will offer extra Polish language classes to allow you to adapt quickly to the new environment.

Once the application is successful, you will enjoy working in Poland without a work permit for the period indicated on the work visa. Better still, you’ll have fast-tracked visa processing, which is 2 to 7 months quicker than other visa options available in Poland.

How to Apply for the Poland Business Harbor Visa

In September 2020, Poland Visa Application Centers started accepting visa applications from the Poland Business Harbor program participants. Here are a few steps you will need to follow to apply for the visa:

Step 1 – Get in touch with the Polish consulate to fill in the visa application form. If you have scheduled your interview date, you should bring the following documents to the consulate or any of the visa centers:

  • A complete and accurately signed visa application.
  • A recent biometric photo.
  • A passport issued in the last ten years with at least two blank pages. It should also be valid for at least three months before the visa expires.
  • Medical cover for the one-year duration of the visa.
  • Prove you have enough finances to cover your stay in the country.
  • Individuals running already established businesses should present a document confirming the Polish Investment and Trade Agency program qualification.
  • Startup owners should provide a document indicating they have applied for the Poland Prize program.
  • Under the “Poland. Business Harbor” program, the visa type is D. You should book an appointment at the visa center or write to the information helpline in line with consular jurisdiction.

You will be charged 11 Euros for scheduling an appointment with the Poland Visa centers, and if you like, you are free to send your visa application via post.

All Belarusian residents who want to move to Poland under this program are required to have:

  • An IT-related secondary degree or higher;
  • At least one year of experience in an IT field;
  • An invitation from a Polish IT company. However, if you get an invitation from a Polish IT company, you don’t have to meet the other two qualifications.

With Belarus facing a political crisis, the program could not have come at a better time. Though the program was previously available for Belarusians alone, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, and Moldovia citizens can now move to Poland through the Poland Business Harbor program. To be eligible for this visa, they should be sponsored by a Polish IT company even if they haven’t studied an IT-related course or have acquired the relevant work experience.

Step 2 – If you are to move to Poland with your family, mention it to the consulate during the interview. In addition, ensure you have prepared the necessary documents if you are moving with your spouse or children. They will be given a domestic visa which they will use when crossing the border.

A Wonderful Opportunity for Techies

If you are an expert in IT or a business in the IT sector, Poland is willing and ready to help you nurture your skills and talents.

For Example, dealing with error 0x0 0x0. While the number of countries accepted in the program is currently limited, we expect Poland to add more countries soon. Meanwhile, if you have the Poland Business Harbor visa qualifications, the time is now to seize the opportunity!