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How to get a product-centric packaging solution?

In a saturated market of packaging, it becomes difficult to find packaging solutions that are economically feasible yet product-centric. When the units are ordered in bulk, the packaging does not fit the size of the product or does not seem in conformity to the product. Other times, if the packaging fits the product in every way, it becomes a burden economically.

Since the process seems to increase, as does the quality and quantity of the product. Additionally, the packaging solution becomes economically even more infeasible when packaging fragile and small products, i.e., cosmetic and beauty products.

Hence, the clients desperately long for a packaging solution that is economically viable but suits their products completely. Therefore, The Legacy Printing becomes one of the best packaging solutions all across the US packaging companies. The company is not merely able to keep on innovating and find new and creative packaging solutions. The prices remain almost equivalent to that of the wholesale prices and consequently become an economic possibility for the clients.

The company pays high regard to its customers and their packaging needs which is why the cost does not become an economic burden on the clients along with the company successfully creating inventive designs and styles of the packaging boxes. The clients are exempted from worrying about the lack of packaging solutions conforming with the product.

To ensure such things, the company’s creative and production teams work together to form a smooth flow of information among all production areas to create a perfect end product. The support and the creative team also work closely with the client to ensure that none of their demands are left out. Therefore, an unlimited revision policy further provides that the client is satisfied with the product that will be produced in bulk.

The popular yet prestigious image of the company amongst other packaging companies definitely owes to this remarkable flow of information among all sectors associated with the production and understanding of the clients’ demands and priorities. The company has also expanded its reach of packaging solutions from retail packaging to food and beverage packaging to cosmetic and beauty packaging to apparel packaging, and many more.

Let us have a look at how to get product-centric packaging that is also economically feasible for all brands:


Your first and foremost responsibility to get the most befitting packaging for your product is to understand the characteristics of your product, what your customers demand, and then the needs of your product. For example, suppose you are looking for a good packaging solution for your apparel products. In that case, the customers do not demand a rather fancy packaging, and neither does the product require it. Although, there is a need to have such packaging which can hold the product in bulk and is lightweight.

Similarly, when looking for a packaging solution for luxury products, the aura of the product is manufactured so that it definitely does demand a packaging solution that is rather fancy and can grasp the attention of the customers. Additionally, since luxury products are sometimes used as gifts, the customer also demands the packaging to look rather ingenuine and beguiling.

Therefore, a befitting packaging solution for luxury products might lie in custom 2 piece boxes. When ordering the production of custom 2 piece boxes from the aforementioned company, not only do you get merely a creative yet simple packing box, whereas, it might also include different styles like a window on the front or a beautiful logo on the corner.

On the other hand, beauty and cosmetic products differ from the prior mentioned products and have completely different demands and requirements. Beauty and cosmetic products are rather fragile as well as being sometimes very small. Hence, the packaging needs to be secure, in conformity to the size of the product and satisfying the needs of the cosmetic and beauty product users i.e., through a design allowing an onlooking phenomenon of the product. The customer of these products generally prefers to see the original product before buying it apart from the image of the box. Therefore, paper or cardstock packaging boxes seem to be the best fit for such products.

For example, when trying to find a perfect packaging solution for eyelashes produced in bulk, custom logo eyelash boxes are needed. These custom logo eyelash boxes initially need to have box inserts to keep the eyelashes in place, a beautiful cardstock or paper box with creative prints having the details of the manufacture, and lastly, a window in front of the box to allow the customers to have a small peak of the original product and therefore satisfy their concerns in regards to the product. Fortunately, the US-based printing company is one of the leading companies excelling in producing custom eyelash boxes and catering to all of the aforementioned needs.


Once you have successfully understood the demands and characteristics of your products apart from the customer demands, you now have to create a free flow of information between your ideas and the company you have opted for your packaging solutions.

Fortunately, the prior mentioned company has remarkable customer support services along with a well-established creative team. Not only do they try to understand what you want, but they also provide you with free guidelines regarding what more can be added or exempted from your product to make the perfect packaging solution.


The company does not force you to use the first packaging solution prepared by the creative team; whereas, you are provided with a prototype design first to do a trial run. Through either a focus group consideration or presenting the design amongst the board members of your team, you can fully understand if the design befits your product or not. You shall also be able to point out all the things that might be lacking in the design.

If you are content with the prototype, you can proceed to the next step. Whereas if you are not satisfied, the company also provides you with the service of unlimited revisions. Therefore, until you find your focus group results acceptable or the reviews by all the board members are satisfying, you can demand revisions again and again. Finally, when you have reached the desired packaging solutions, which befits your product, has successful results in the research carried out, and conforms to the customers’ needs, you need to move on to the next phase.


After reaching the desired design, which is completely product-centric, you can now easily order the production of such packaging boxes in bulk. Whereas, now comes the concern regarding your economic limitations. It is perceived that certain packaging solutions cost more than others, i.e., rigid box packaging and packaging with inserts.

But with the aforementioned company, you do not have to worry about the economic limitations as well. The company promises to provide you with prices equivalent to that of the wholesale prices, consequently making it possible to order any of the packaging boxes in bulk units. The clients are rid of considerations of their economic limitation, and therefore, they can order any of the packaging solutions they deem fit for their product. This facilitates the clients informing the best packaging solution for their products with merely one company.