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How to get more comments on Instagram?

Instagram is a famous social network, particularly known for its better engagement rate. If you want to be a success story on this platform, you have to attract the audience to get more comments, share, and like. The comment is a simple yet powerful way to maintain your engagement high. It is also a great way to communicate with your audience. We are sharing some effective ways to get more comments on your Instagram posts.

Influence people to comment

The simplest way is to influence people to comment on your post. However, asking people to comment directly may look stupid! The approach needs to be very creative so that people feel the necessity to comment on your post. For instance, you can upload a beautiful photo and write in the caption to make the best caption for this picture. This always influences people to write something in the comment section.

Invite people to tag friends

This is another trick to make your comment box full. Tagging others to relevant comments has been a trend. People simply tag their friends when they find something similar or useful for them. You can take it as an opportunity. If you are a fitness expert and want to have more comments on your workout photos, try it. Ask something like “tag your friend who does perfect spider-man pushup”. Chances are people will tag their friends who truly do it. Besides, the tagged people reply to their comments with thanks for tagging.

Ask for an opinion

Asking for a review is quite effortless to get more comments. However, it works better when your followers are niche-focused. People always like to share their own opinions. So, you can simply turn the habit into a comment booster. If you are a gadget freak and have similar-minded followers, you can ask something like “how do you evaluate iPhone 12 pro?”. After a few whiles, people will start commenting to express their own opinion about the device. You can also mention other products’ names and request your followers to write an honest review in a comment.

Offer Instagram giveaway

People love to win free stuff. So, you can offer a giveaway to convince people for more comments. In that case, your gift and caption should be more appealing. The gift also needs to be appropriate for your followers. You can invite people in the caption to tag their friends to win the giveaway. In general, the person who tags the maximum number of friends wins the gift. Offering a giveaway is a serious engagement booster. So, you can try it without thinking twice.

Use AI comment

HyperComment is becoming more popular among Instagram celebrities and influencers. This is an AI-based technology that scans your uploaded image, analyzes your hashtags, and makes a comment accordingly. But, how accurate are these comments? You have to be extra careful here because the comments may look fake and funny. To avoid such trouble, you can try GOSO for a highly realistic AI-based comment service on Instagram. It is a perfect option if you lack the time and energy to get more comments organically.