How to Get More Followers on Facebook

Be it a small business or a talented artist, Facebook has provided an opportunity to everyone to showcase their talents and products and expand their income and influence in the virtual world. Despite having tons of active users, it has become increasingly difficult to become popular on this platform  as more and more creators are joining Facebook, so it is essential to have some tricks up your sleeves to gain Facebook followers who love and appreciate your page!

So before you go ahead and shell out a fortune to buy Facebook followers, take a look at this list which contains some easy yet effective ways which will help in increasing your engagement and follower count in no time!

Get creative!

Here’s the first rule that you keep in mind always: Content is King. No matter how much money you spend to buy Facebook followers, all of it will be in vain if you don’t post quality content. Make sure you sit back and focus on creating quality content that can turn you into a social media star overnight! Get in touch with your creative side and try to make posts, videos or other content on ongoing issues, thought-provoking matters and trending topics prevailing in the world. Unless you provide informative, insightful or eye-catching content, you can’t expand your reach or gain Facebook followers at a faster pace.

Update your profile

You need to optimise and update your profile so that people can contact you or know you better if they discover your page. Make sure to include the link to your website and updated content details on your Facebook page or group to get business or collaboration requests easily. Remember that your bio is the face of your business, so keep it brief yet witty. Decide how you want to portray yourself and choose the tone of your bio accordingly as it’s the first thing that a person reads on visiting your page. Upload profile picture and cover picture and make it more attractive so people don’t have second thoughts before following you!

Organise contests and giveaways

Another effective way to rake in more followers is to regularly organise giveaways and contests. This trick is often overlooked by most of the creators out there as they don’t feel like shelling out some bucks. But you need to know that people eagerly follow and engage when they know they’ll be rewarded with something in return. Not only will this allow you to reach out to new accounts and get in touch with like-minded people, but also help you gain Facebook followers who will be interested in similar upcoming contests and the content you deliver.

Team up with other influencers

Humans are social beings and networking comes naturally to them. So make sure you bond well with fellow creators and interact on their posts to grab more collaboration opportunities. This not only makes it a little easier to dish out varying and interesting content that can keep your viewers hooked but also gives you more exposure. You can even co-host giveaways and ask them to promote your videos or give you a shoutout from time to time as this introduces you to their followers and you can do the same in return.

Use whatever Facebook has to offer

Before running around and surfing the entire web to find new softwares or hacks to gain Facebook followers, make sure you fully utilize all the amazing features that Facebook has to offer. Be it Facebook Live, stories, promotions or advertising, you’ll find most of these facilities on the platform itself! Plan and use videos, posts, polls, stories and engage using GIFs, stickers, and fun emojis with your followers to increase engagement and create a deeper bond with your followers so they can recommend and share your content with their friends and family!

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook is an amazing platform with a lot of opportunities for upcoming businesses and influencers. You can make use of Facebook Ads and even promote your business and products on Instagram as both these platforms as both the platforms and integrated. You can decide what kind of ads you want to create as there are several including but not limited to engagement and conversion ads. Use catchy and witty one-liners, unique images and a brief description so that users don’t hesitate to visit and follow your page. If you are looking to expand your business, then these ads will help you generate leads and get clients with ease.

Engage with your audience

Replying to comments and posting polls allow you to stay in touch with the audience and gauge their response. This plays an instrumental role in optimising your growth strategy as you can try different things and receive immediate feedback on what the viewers like. Small things like acknowledging or pinning comments, remembering the name of the person who asked the question you are answering during a live or posting a story about your day can go a long way in building trust and friendship with your followers.

These are some basic things that every creator out there needs to keep in mind to become popular on Facebook. While there are tons of other ways you can optimise and make your content more discoverable, these things will act as stepping stones in your journey to become famous and viral!