How To Get Paid to Travel

It seems like the hospitality and tourism industry is about to get a major boost. Thanks to the sudden rise in vaccines, it looks like we are not that far off from travelling once again.

In fact, experts predict there will be an explosion in travel. Makes sense as most of us were not allowed to even leave our own homes.

If you are a travel enthusiast, this is a phenomenal time to get in on the action. Not just as a tourist, but someone who can actually make a real income while travelling.

In fact, it’s considered one of the best ways to make money, especially if you enjoy travelling.

Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, tons of people and couples have started to showcase their travels online. This has led to a lot of revenue for not just Youtube, but also the people who create content on these channels.

That’s why, a lot of Youtube content creators are now simply broadcasting what they see and in turn, are also making great money from it. They are literally doing what they love which is travelling all over the world, experiencing life like no other and now have more money coming in than their day jobs.

In fact, there is an official word for people like these and it’s called being a “travelpreneur”. All you have to do is get a nice camera, enjoy what you do and put it all together on a consistent basis. This will create a following which you can eventually monetize online.

Just make sure (Plus this goes for any budding Youtuber), get a freaking quality camera. Don’t go for the cheap ones. You’ll only be delaying your own progress with some low to medium quality camera.

Of course, if this doesn’t resonate with you then do things in your own way. In fact, always do things your way but we thought we’d share anyway. Sometimes, maybe just getting a quick payday loan can help you get a nice camera and then you can eventually pay it back.

Although just like everything, it may be hard to record videos, edit and all that. However, eventually, if you still really enjoy everything, just keep at it. This will create a consistent following that can eventually create much larger opportunities.

Also. if you make content that other people can relate to, then there is a good chance that your audience will be very hungry for your next video. Whether you are just travelling within Canada or pretty much anywhere around the globe. Your fans would crave to watch your videos because they not only would start to love what you show to them, but also your own personality.

Anyways, here are some pointers that can help you with your goal of getting paid to travel.

Never do anything for any kind of reward. Or like millions if not billions of people, you’ll get stuck in the grind and never be in a position to truly enjoy your dream. Until some miracle happens but yeah . . . don’t do it because you want something in return. Do it because you want to share your love for travel.

Also never do this to please others. Do it strictly to share your true passion for things. In this case, hopefully, it is travelling around the world. However, this applies to everything.

If you would truly share your real self, people will see that in your videos and naturally gravitate towards you. Don’t “try” to make a good channel, just be you and describe things in your way. If it’s meant to be, nothing will get in your way and you’ll get tons of success.

Nothing beats authentic content.

One last thing we’d like to add here is don’t even get caught up in the idea of being someone who gets paid to travel.

Just travel!

See what comes next and if you truly have a desire to share what city or place you are in, then definitely do it. Chase the calling, not anything else. Just have an open mind and who knows, maybe creating a few videos about travelling wasn’t even meant for you. Perhaps some videos were just a gateway for you to learn something else about life.

So just do things for the enjoyment of doing them and see where it leads to. Whatever comes next doesn’t matter.

As long as you are having fun, what else really matters right?

However, if this travelling and getting paid thing begins to work out and you feel awesome in the process, then dive in it full force. Show the world why they should learn about travelling from you in the best professional way possible and you’ll see people falling for you left and right.

In a good way that is.

Whether you make money from your travels or not, one thing is for sure . . .

The memories will be something that will surely last a lifetime.