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How to Handle Payroll While Expanding your Business in Turkey?

Expanding into a different country or outsourcing certain aspects of sourcing or production can be extremely beneficial for a company. The advantages of such practices include monetary gain along with the possibility to reach a new market. Turkey constitutes an especially compelling choice for many as it sits at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, providing a central foothold for those looking to achieve global exposure. However, the wonderful opportunities this strategy brings do not go without a few constraints, particularly with regard to the human side of operations. Putting employees on the payroll in Turkey, for instance, remains one of the top challenges foreign investors must face.

What are the Main Challenges Pertaining to Payroll in Turkey?

As a foreign company, knowing all the rules which apply to business and recruitment in Turkey is not your primary concern. Yet, putting together even a very small team there does require setting up a legal structure, which cannot be done without knowing the various tax implications and obligations related to payroll in Turkey. You may choose to surround yourself with experts who promote your growth by helping you pick the right official status and handle all administrative tasks to get you started. Another option – which is just as suitable for those looking to open a branch in Turkey as for those simply looking to have a modest presence on site – is to call upon an umbrella company such as Azkan Group.

Creating an environment where your workers feel supported and understood is paramount when looking to develop a successful business. Working for a foreign company is something the Turkish workforce is enthusiastic about. However, recruitment in Turkey and most other aspects of HR are best left to those who are familiar with their culture, habits, and expectations.

How Can a Payroll Company Help You?

Agencies specialising in handling payroll in Turkey for foreign investors cumulate several benefits, each with the goal of facilitating your activities. By leaving personnel administration up to your umbrella company, you can focus on your core operations and move onto new ventures as quickly as you decide.

Their longstanding experience in recruitment in Turkey also allows them to find the right associates to carry out any task for which a native touch is preferable. Based on your specific requirements, they will select the appropriate profile from their extensive database and ensure you surround yourself with people who possess the ideal set of skills.

When your payroll in Turkey is managed by an umbrella company, you do not need to worry about calculations, edit the correct record documents, or even pay the salaries yourself. Any administrative duties towards the authorities are also out of your hands. For all intents and purposes, the payroll company is the one who hires, employs, and pays your workers. On your end, you are issued invoices covering your workers’ salaries and the fee for the agency.

Instead of creating a subsidiary as soon as you wish to begin operations on the Turkish market, having a specialised company handle your payroll in Turkey is a great solution to start as small as you need to. Gradually, as your expansion continues, the same experts will be in a position to help you set up your legal structure and to take care of recruitment on your behalf. They can even take care of work permits should you decide to bring in your own people from overseas.

Similarly, if you find that your efforts to develop your activities on Turkish soil do not match your expectations, you may put an end to them without any further obligations or waiting periods.