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How To Improve Your Site Ranking

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Search engine optimisation is an incredibly nuanced subject matter that takes a long time to fully understand. The idea of SEO is to get your website as close to the number one spot on Google as possible, as this will vastly increase traffic which will convert into sales. If you are starting out on your SEO journey, then here are some ways to improve your site ranking this year and increase the traffic to your website.

Improve Your Customer Experience

We may not think of customer experience when we are trying to get our sight ranked, but this is one of the factors that can get your site to the top of Google. There are a few factors that play into this experience metric, the first being how long users stay on your page. Users will decide in under 3 seconds if the page is for them, so you want to make sure they have a reason to stay. A well-designed beautiful site will help you achieve this. Another factor that increases this metric is pages per visit. The easier your site is to navigate, the higher the chances that people will stay on it. These two factors coupled with website visits and bounce rate all create the customer metric, so make sure you make your website usable, so that customers will want to stay on it.

Private Blog Networks

Private blog networks or PBN’s is a method of getting your site to rank higher on Google through using backlinks, visit this website for more details. Backlinks are considered the currency of SEO, the more sites that link to your site, the more authority you build and the higher your site will rank. This is where PBN’s come in. A SEO operator will have an array of websites that they own and operate that doesn’t have a lot of content on there, however, these content sites will back link to your site. What this does is grow your backlinks quickly and effectively, so your page ranks higher in Google. There is some risk involved in this, Google don’t like PBN networks and want you to grow your backlinking organically. This can take time and Google have started penalising the use of this system and banned some PBN networks, so before you start handing over money, make sure the provider has successfully hidden their network from Google.

Look At Reports

A lot of people will already utilise reports, but if you are just starting out on your SEO journey, now is the time to get your hands on those reports and start working out what is and isn’t working. One of the best reports you can access is your query report, you can find this Google analytics, so click through until you have come to it. What this report shows is all the phrases you rank for, along with impressions, clicks and average position on the key word you are looking at. There is an old saying that if you can measure it, you can manage it. So, break down this report and see which keywords are working and which ones aren’t. If it looks as though there are a lot of key words that aren’t working, remove them. If you find there is a particular query that is working, put this into a keyword search engine and see the keywords that are related to this one. That way you can start increasing your ranking with very little effort. Remember, work smarter not harder.

Improve Your Load Speed

It may seem like we are talking about small factors that don’t have an impact on SEO. In actual fact, this is SEO, small incremental changes that build over time to improve your ranking. Load speed is one of these small factors that has a massive impact. You need to make sure that your load speed is fast, not just for the user experience, but also for Google. The faster the load speed, the better your page will rank. Again, this is all about user experience and if the user can’t get onto your page quickly, why would they want to visit it?

Final Thoughts

SEO isn’t something that you do to your website once and forget about it. It is a very dynamic subject area that is constantly changing and updating, so you need to make sure you are doing the same. Keep looking at reports and making sure your site is as user friendly as possible, as it is these small incremental changes that work together to get your site on the front page. PBN networks are an excellent way of building authority, but you need to make sure you are purchasing them from a reliable source who can hide this network from Google.