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How To Increase LinkedIn Profile Visits

The number of visitors attracted by your LinkedIn profile can have a significant effect on your business-building efforts. By keeping track of the number of views, you can easily assess how many people are locating your profile. You can also determine their level of interest in viewing it to learn about you and your business focus. You can discover how many people read about your industry experience, achievements and aspirations. By presenting a well-organized, concise and engaging profile, you have the best opportunity to boost views, attracting new connections.

This is essential for gaining success for entrepreneurs and new SMB owners. It is also an excellent way of attracting influential leaders in your industry if you are seeking a new job position. In order to capture new leads and build your brand, you need high online visibility. To land a new job in your desired industry, you also need a winning web presence. With a dynamic LinkedIn profile that clearly presents you, your qualifications, talents and attainments, endless business opportunities await you.

How to Analyze Your LinkedIn Profile Views

You can locate and track the total count of LinkedIn profile views that you have accrued over the past 90 days. To do this, visit the LinkedIn section entitled, “Who’s viewed your profile.” For free accounts, LinkedIn reveals the number of people who have visited your profile during the past three months. You can also view the profile boxes belonging to your five most recent profile viewers. For expert assistance in obtaining complete data and detailed analysis of your LinkedIn profile views and your visitors, consult Dooozen. These experienced professionals use advanced automation to assist you in tracking all relevant data, connecting with new contacts, performing messaging and more.

You may have a LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator or other paid LinkedIn account. As a paying account holder, you can examine a graph of your account’s progress during the past 90 days. As a Sales Navigator or Premium account holder, you can view the profile boxes of every visitor to your profile. You can access this data from the last 90 days as well. Located above these profile boxes are various unique filters. They pertain to the common characteristics of your profile viewers during that time. These filters can enable you to narrow down the types of people visiting your profile, which helps you analyse viewership.

On your LinkedIn dashboard, click “Search Appearances” to determine how many times your profile appeared in search results last week. From your dashboard options, you can also discover where your searchers work along with their job position titles. From this data and the search keywords used, you can decide which of these companies and individual searchers you want to contact. If any of these people within LinkedIn limits are already among your current connections, you can message them onsite. You can then invite other searchers to connect and join your LinkedIn network.

Using LinkedIn Automation Tools

With the use of LinkedIn’s varied automation tools, you can connect with the best leads via the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can also obtain contact emails for lead targeting. Having access to these automation tools is of great help. This is especially true since the LinkedIn platform offers limited capacity for targeting in comparison to other social media sites. These advanced tools can help you boost views of your LinkedIn profile significantly.

Using LinkedIn automation tools enables you to target the appropriate leads while avoiding wasting time on others. Dooozen makes it possible for you to contact a large number of prospects within a short time period. With the use of this type of automation, you can stay focused on initiating quality conversations with contacts. You can form good business relationships within LinkedIn limits while building your brand’s recognition, visibility and success.

One of LinkedIn’s highly useful lead generating tools is Profile Hopper. With this innovative tool, you can enjoy advanced automation of sales prospecting and lead generation methods and techniques. This tool literally hops among profiles that display appropriate criteria as quality leads. It then indicates to you which of these individuals visit your profile and demonstrate true interest as genuine prospects. This report can be extracted from your LinkedIn account as a CSV file.

Major Impact and Value of LinkedIn for Business

Among leading social media platforms today, LinkedIn is considered the most valuable and effective one for business. Whether you are a leading company executive, departmental manager, business owner or employee, you should have an updated LinkedIn profile. Your profile should clearly display your business skills and expertise. The two primary metrics on this major social media site are the numbers of profile views and industry connections. Together, they reveal the extent of your professional network and the level of business interest that you currently generate.

Forbes Magazine experts list LinkedIn as the ideal online venue for marketing your industry strengths, skills, experience and abilities. Recent statistics show that 87 percent of industry recruiters today rely on LinkedIn profiles during the vetting of job candidates. Records reveal that 85 percent of job positions are filled through professional networks, and LinkedIn is the most influential one. Seventy-nine percent of recruiters and HR managers hire job candidates that they locate via LinkedIn.

How to Get More Views on LinkedIn

You can attract more leads on LinkedIn by enhancing your profile in the following ways:

Use a Recent Photo

Update your LinkedIn head shot with a current professional photograph. Your profile picture should never be more than 3 or 4 years old and should be a clear, crisp image. You should keep a digital version that you can upload again if needed. Statistics show that LinkedIn users with quality profile photographs receive at least 20 times more views than others.

Create an Engaging Headline

Most LinkedIn users find that they need to update their profile headlines periodically. Be sure to include strong, primary keywords and phrases to capture the interest of your viewers. Target your skills, job title or business focus in your headline.

Separate Job Titles or Skill Sets

Separate job titles or industry skills with symbols for improved clarity. Most visitors will skim through this part of your profile quickly, so a clear and easily understood presentation is essential. By inserting a star, asterisk or graphic character, you can also enhance the visual appeal of your profile. These primary keywords will be displayed clearly on your profile page. They may also be used more frequently in the LinkedIn search bar by site users.

Compose a Full Yet Concise Summary

The summary to be inserted directly beneath your headline should showcase your industry experience, skills and expertise. If you use a slightly conversational style and write in the first person, your personal narrative attracts each visitor’s attention. Include major data and relevant information, but try not to exceed 40 words. This will increase your chances of appearing in search results.

Choose a Fresh URL

You should change your assigned LinkedIn URL. This first custom URL is usually a mixture of numbers and letters. For the best online visibility, change the URL to include your first and last name, middle name or initials. With enhanced web visibility, you can increase LinkedIn views to gain valuable connections.

Add Five or More Business Skills

LinkedIn profiles that include no less than five industry skills generally bring good results. They often benefit from greater than 15 times more profile visitors than those without business skills. The more skills you can truthfully list, the better. Your top skills can often appear frequently in the LinkedIn search bar as keywords.

Request Testimonials

When you post testimonials from current or past clients, customers, bosses, coworkers or employees, this builds your credibility. It also helps to reveal your character. LinkedIn offers some services, such as Profinder, which note the amount of testimonials that appear on freelancers’ profile pages. Profinder counts these testimonials for ranking purposes.

Post Articles and Status Updates

When you post status updates, be sure to include appropriate hashtags. When posting blogs on other websites, share the links to these posts on LinkedIn. This expands and enhances your viewers’ understanding of your skills, experience and expertise. These posts can also increase LinkedIn views of your profile by site users.

Take time to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date

An additional skill, work project, article or blog link many spark the interest of a valuable new business connection. This connection can become a major client, customer, associate or even a mentor or business partner. By promoting yourself and your skills, accomplishments, industry focus and ultimate goals, you can build a productive and profitable business. You can empower your purpose and profit from positive, lasting success.


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