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How to increase your followers on Instagram? 

Now that you know of the sites that can sell you Instagram followers and you can directly buy followers from them you need to know about the general ways that you need to focus on if you want to grow your follower count. Here, we discuss a few general tips that can help you keep your energy and attention focused and gain popularity on Instagram.

Set Some Goals and Create a Plan

The first step to becoming successful in any field is to know what results you want. You have to be specific about what you want to achieve. So, if you want to gain popularity on Instagram you have to set your goals for growth on the platform. Ensure that you have a short-term goal, a mid-term goal, and a long-term goal.

Once you have these set up you can start working on creating a plan to achieve these goals. Create a schedule for posting on Instagram. Set up a process to come up with ideas for posts. Formulate a plan of action for promotion or your posts and profile. The strategy will not be set in stone. Keep changing it as you see fit and as you learn more about social media.

Pick a Niche and Grow in It

To grow faster and to create a stronger audience base one needs to pick their niche and try to become an authority figure in it. If you are pretty and have sculpted your body then you can become a fitness motivator and post stuff related to exercise and nutrition.

If you are a photographer you can post quality snapshots and upload short video tutorials to help your audience. Similarly, depending on your niche you can come up with specific posts to attract the audience in the niche. Trying to grow in a specific niche is more effective than trying to post random and general stuff and expecting to grow.

Post More

To widen your reach on Instagram and to gain more exposure you have to keep up your posting game. You have to set up an efficient and effective workflow that lets you come up with ideas for posts and create them. The more posts you upload on Instagram the more content your audience gets to consume. So, try to post multiple times a day. In general, if you post two to three times a day then you have a good chance of gaining a lot of exposure.

Don’t Fall-short When It Comes to Quality

The next tip follows the previous one. Just posting a lot is not enough. You have to ensure that the posts are of good quality. No one likes to browse poorly made content on any social media platform. People are here to entertain themselves and spend their leisure time so it is your job as a content creator to provide them with that. Only then you will be able to hold on to your existing audience and gain new ones.

Interact With Followers

To keep your followers loyal you have to keep interacting with them on a regular basis. Try to ask their opinion on stuff and tell them to use the comment section to let you know their thoughts. Ask for feedback and ask what they would like to see next.

If you get DMs from your followers, then it is a good idea to reply to some of them. Interacting with your followers and asking them to interact among themselves will help build a community which can then help your growth become more stable.

Use Optimal Hashtags

Hashtags let you reach a wider audience. It helps you gain more exposure. So, if you want to increase your audience and widen your reach then using Hashtags optimally can help a lot. We would suggest you use good hashtag generation tools and hashtag research tools to tag your posts with good hashtags that can give you a more effective promotion.

Using a couple of niche-specific hashtags, a couple of trendy Hashtags and a few custom hashtags can help you go a long way when it comes to promoting your posts and building your brand. But don’t spam your posts with too many hashtags. 7 to 10 hashtags are good enough. Too many Hashtags have been seen to actually contribute towards a reduction in engagement rate on posts.

Bring in Audience from Other Platforms

If you can use different social media platforms to promote your Instagram account then you may get more exposure. Whenever you want to grow online via social media platforms then you have to think of the platforms as a sort of different parts of the same machine. Of course, you have to primarily focus on one and try to grow on that platform.

But when it Comes to promotion you can use a bunch of them to widen your reach. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. are some of the platforms where you can promote your content. Upload your most popular videos and posts on these platforms and urge users to follow you on Instagram. This way if the user feels entertained by your content they may check you out on Instagram.

Use Different Types of Posts

Try to use a mixture of posts. Don’t just focus on one type of post. Yes, you can direct more attention and effort to one kind of post but try to upload a mixture of posts. Reels and stories are quite popular these days. Many brands and businesses are using stories to promote their products. Many Instagram users have said that they have often decided to buy a product that they have seen on Instagram stories.

Video posts and reels generally do well when it comes to receiving engagement. This can often lead to a lot of exposure and help you gain more audience online. Come up with a workflow that lets you conceptualize and create different kinds of posts for Instagram while maintaining similar quality and style.

Contests Or Giveaways

If you are looking to farm likes and comments to get more exposure or to widen your reach then you can use contests and giveaways to do so. Many influencers and brands have taken to this approach in order to gain more attention and also to reward their audiences for being loyal to them. You can do it as well. Contests should be fun and should promote positive vibes.

Also, the gift should be worth it. It need not be something valuable as long as it goes with your profile theme and entertains your audiences. Giveaways should be fair and again the prizes need to be good. A lot of influencers often keep the prizes like limited edition merchandise or something like that.

Maybe you can have a live conversation with the winner or something. Ask people to like, comment, and follow to enter the contest or giveaway. This can help gain a lot of engagement on Instagram.