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How to keep city kids safe on the farm

For children who were born and raised in the city, living on a farm is usually a whole new adventure for them. There is a lot of intriguing stuff for them to see and learn.

Getting to see some animals that they have only ever seen on television or in books, witnessing how dairy products are made and seeing heavy farm equipment being driven are a few of the exciting things that they would get to experience.

However, city kids are more prone to accidents than kids who have spent their whole lives on the farm. This is why extra care must be taken to safeguard these children and ensure that none of them get injured.

Listed below are six tips on how city kids can be kept safe on farms;

Educate them about hazards and responsibilities

City kids usually have no prior knowledge of how to live on the farm. You must educate them, using audio and visual means, about the various operations that are being carried out on the farm.

If possible, talk to them before leaving the city. Teaching them about the risks and hazards of farm living will make them more careful and less prone to carrying out highly risky activities once they get to the farm.

Do not leave them unsupervised

Kids are curious by nature, so even if you have adequately taught them of the do’s and don’ts of farm living, their inquisitive minds might lead them to try some risky tasks.

Allow them the freedom to climb a tree or visit the barn where the sheep might be lambing but it is advisable to have at least one pair of eyes on them at all times

Keep them away from machinery unless supervised

For farm children who have been working on the farm with their parents for a long time, driving and operating farm machinery is something they are used to.

However, children who have lived in the city all their lives and have no clue about how to operate farm machinery should, on no account, be allowed to operate them as there is a high risk of injury.

Practice safety while driving

Farms are usually situated on large areas of land and most times, getting from one point to another requires the use of a vehicle. It is advisable to keep your children safe by making them wear their seatbelts and strapping kids into properly fitted child car seats, regardless of the distance you are driving.

Ensure proper storage of hazardous items

A lot of dangerous things like chemicals and guns are used on farms regularly. Children who are new to farm life are likely to pick these items up if they come in contact with them and examine them thoroughly, thereby increasing the risk of injury to them and others.

Therefore, ensure that all chemicals, guns and other hazardous materials are appropriately stored in areas where children can not reach them.

Give your kids basic first aid training

Accidents can happen, regardless of the extensive safety measures, you might have put in place. Teaching your kids about how to properly tend to injuries and how to call for help can make a lot of difference.

If possible, give them a device such as a cellphone and have them memorize the emergency numbers. Demonstrate how to dial these numbers and ask for help in their presence until you are sure that they can do it properly when they are alone.

Keeping kids safe on a farm with a lot of hazardous chemicals and machinery can be a demanding task for parents. However, following these tips and other safety measures will ensure that you and your kids come to no harm during the entirety of your stay on the farm.

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