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How to Keep Her Interested – Top Ten Tips

When you get the woman you want – it’s an amazing feeling! But now you have to face a challenge – how the hell are you going to keep her interested once you’ve caught her attention? Soon you are going to run out of the wit and charm that won her over in the good old days, and when this day happens there is a good chance that she is going to lose interest. Thankfully, these ten top tips should point you in the right direction to keep her entertained.

  1. Give yourself a signature scent. Why? Well, she is soon going to associate you with this scent and every time she smells it, it will remind her of you. She could be at a club with a hundred other guys surrounding her, but as soon as she smells your signature scent she is going to think back to you.
  2. Kiss like a pro! Bad kisses can be swept under the carpet at the beginning of a relationship but after a while your bad technique is just going to bore her. Ask her if she likes the way you kiss during a sexy night in and see if she gives you pointers or directions. Good kisses will always keep a gal coming back for more.
  3. Don’t be too readily available. If you have plans and she asks you to hang out, tell her you have plans. Being too nice to her will not win your brownie points; it will just put you in the friend zone. Keep it plain and simple – if you are busy, be busy. If you are not, she will have missed you and want more. Just try to get an even balance on the two.
  4. Don’t turn into a slob. Seeing you nice and preened right at the beginning of your relationship has given her some high standards and if you let these slides, she is going to notice. At least maintain basic levels of hygiene – showering, brushing your teeth, wearing clean clothes etc.
  5. Talk about the stuff she likes! We don’t mean that you should talk about her stuff all the time, but just asking her about the things she actually enjoys will keep the spark alive. Try it sometimes – you’ll be surprised at what cool stuff you can learn!
  6. Don’t give it all up right at the beginning. Let things slip out naturally over the course of your relationship. The more you reveal, the less you will have later on down the road. Keep certain things guarded – let her peel back the layers, so to speak.
  7. Take charge! Some men are just too much of a gentleman to keep the women interested. Take charge and make the plans for once! The ladies know that the guys are just trying to let them call the shots but sometimes they just want to hear the words – “Hey babe, we’re going to Nandos. Dress casual.”
  8. Be respectful still. You can play fight and make fun at each other until the cow’ come home if you want to, but still be respectful towards each other. Hold the door open and grab her chair for her from time to time. Don’t forget her birthday! Send her a nice message – and you’ll be surprised at what a gesture can achieve.
  9. Live outside of the box from time to time. Be spontaneous. Call in sick at work just so you can make her breakfast in bed one day. Plan a trip for the weekend on Friday. Get her random gifts just because you can.
  10. Don’t just be hers. Sometimes a guy just needs to live his own life, so tying in somewhat with tip number three – don’t be too readily available. Have YOUR life and enjoy YOUR interests. Just because the two of you are together doesn’t mean that you can’t have separate lives from time to time!

Hope these tips will help you keep an amazing relationship with the woman you love!


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